Raw Food, Bikram Yoga

Tonya Zavasta on the benefits of marrying two of the most powerful rejuvenating practices in existence.

I saw myself being trundled off to prison. The scene in my head scared me, it was so vivid. A big cop named Dwayne - not big-strong-handsome... just big. Handcuffs, back of the cruiser. Downtown - thrown into a holding cage with two shoplifters and a gum-chewing hooker in hoop earrings and spandex jeans. Judge... jury. “Guilty!” Off to the Big House, a five-to-ten year stretch with a 300-pound cellmate named Bertha. Meatloaf and macaroni Tuesday nights, from a battered aluminum tray.... An hour a day, walking the circuit counterclockwise, in the prison yard. Surely, a raw foodist's nightmare! I shook my head, snapped out of it.

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