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  1. Amazing Skin Rejuvenator

    Amazing Skin Rejuvenator


    Amazing Skin Rejuvenator: aka "The Rolling Bed of Pins"

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  2. Venus Body Sculpting Cups

    Venus Body Sculpting Cups


    Our Cups are based on the “Fire Cupping” technique that has traditionally been used in Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia for treating bronchitis, colds and a range of other illnesses. However, they are much easier to use with the same results. No fire, no wick, nothing to burn! We use a simple pump to create needed air pressure. Instead of leaving the cup attached to your body, as in traditional fire-cupping, you’ll be moving the Cups along your skin to perform massage strokes, pleasantly rejuvenating your skin, making it smoother, more supple, and reducing any cellulite.

    Our Venus Body Sculpting Cups:

    • Are thick walled for durability and easier grip
    • The rubber bulbs are made from a high-quality natural rubber polymer which will retail elasticity even after regular long-term use
    • Each set has 4 sizes of cups, with diameters of 2.5 cm, 3 cm, 3.5 cm and 4 cm, allowing application on all parts of the body that can benefit from cupping massage

    Important: Unless your skin is already the picture of health, the first several times you use these cups on a new area of the body, there will be initial bruising. But this bruising should not be viewed as a negative. The resulting bruise, or hematoma, stimulates the body to start healing and renew the underlying tissues. And soon, new, healthier, more resilient capillaries will develop. For most people, after 5 or 6 treatments, there will be no more bruising, and just a few minutes (and later just seconds) of redness. After reaching this point, future cupping massage is for purposes of maintaining the stimulation and circulation of your skin and resilience of your capillaries. If you are not ready and willing to take charge of your health and accep that holistic treatments require such a period of adjustment or detox, please do not buy this product! Learn much more about Cupping Massage here...

    WARNING: Make sure you follow all instructions and warnings in the accompanying Product Manual before use!
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  3. Masque Removing Brush

    Masque Removing Brush


    Our specially designed Masque Removing Brush is made with soft nylon bristles that are just right to gently brush your skin with no pulling or stretching.

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  4. Facial Brush

    Facial Brush for Glowing Complexion


    Due to popular demand, I now offer the Facial Brush for sale!

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  5. Additional Electrode

    Additional Electrode


    Should you need to replace an electrode, we offer the option of purchasing an additional electrode.

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  6. Violet Ray-Professional Edition

    Violet Ray-Professional Edition


    203 High Frequency Professional Unit. Three year warranty if used in the United States.
    Specifications: 120 volts, 144 watts, and 0.2 amps.
    The Violet Ray will be delivered directly from the manufacturer.
    Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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  7. Skin Exfoliator

    Facial Strigil


    I’m delighted to offer the Facial Strigil. It’s a specialized instrument with smooth edges which applies gentle friction to the skin.

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  8. High Frequency/Violet Ray

    High Frequency/Violet Ray


    The Violet Ray has proven amazing for many in improving various skin and scalp conditions, such as reducing wrinkles, eliminating acne, fighting gray hair and eradicating dandruff. The Violet Ray is a holistic device that will complement your healthy lifestyle and will provide invaluable assistance in revealing your Rawsome beauty. Learn much more about the benefits of the Violet Ray here...

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  9. Bamboo Comb

    Bamboo Comb


    Due to popular demand, we now offer the Bamboo combs for sale. Learn more about these combs here...

    This comb comes free with the Scalp Tonic Special and the Hair Care Combo!

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  10. Body Brush

    Body Brush


    With bristles made from Tampico, produced in Mexico from the stalk of the Agave plant, our Body Brush gives just the right tension to exfoliate your body.

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