Tonya Zavasta ~ Author, Speaker, Expert in an Effervescent Lifestyle

Tonya Zavasta ~ Author, Speaker, Expert in an Effervescent Lifestyle

Tonya gives presentations about the raw food diet and lifestyle nationwide (as well as occasionally in Canada and Europe). She is a featured speaker at women's retreats and workshops, and makes special appearances at locations across the country. If you would like to invite Tonya to speak, please refer to the contact us page above. She has several topics of presentation. Click on the video clips link below to see a sample of Tonya giving one of her informative and engaging lectures on raw and living foods and the raw food lifestyle.

Attendees want practical answers, enlightenment and entertainment. Tonya will provide all three and more. A native of Russia that lives in and loves America, Tonya Zavasta is knowledgeable and engaging in her presentations. Her honesty and commitment to the raw food lifestyle is clear and captivating. Tonya uses clean, original, reality-based humor to give audiences a fresh perspective on faith, overcoming obstacles, and achieving one's personal best.

Raw Food Miracle: Make Aging Optional

Afflicted from birth with hip problems that have required extensive surgeries to enable her to walk, Tonya sought a way to offset the devastating effects of anesthetics on her health and appearance. Using the same determination and intelligence that allowed her to achieve advanced degrees in engineering and mathematics, Tonya found the solution to her quest for health and beauty in the raw food lifestyle or the Rawsome Diet as she calls it. Tonya Zavasta combines genuine style with scientific research and quantifiable first hand experience as she aspires to help people to make the most of their potential. Tonya adds a zesty twist to meetings with some of her own delicious recipes.

How to Bounce Back When You are a Deflated Balloon

Tonya knows firsthand what it is to be humiliated, face adversity and meet the complex obstacles of daily living with a physical disability in an oppressive political environment. In spite of a well-known saying that "life is not fair" Tonya proves that life IS fair to those who dare to turn adversity into an asset, pain to perseverance, tragedy to tenacity, humiliation to humor. Her personal motivation and inner strength when it comes to overcoming insurmountable obstacles shows her audiences that a commitment to achieve a personal best makes anything possible.

Embracing America with Laughter and Cheers!

This gregarious lady will regale you with hilarious tales of her coming to America from Russia with little more than a dream. She will have you laughing hysterically with true stories of dealing with her husband and others during their assimilation. A Russian immigrant, she shares with her captivated audiences what it meant for her family to come to a new country and to become a Christian. With original perspective and a deep appreciation for her new homeland she inspires listeners to rediscover America with its endless possibilities for personal growth and success, but she also reminds that the price for freedom is indeed eternal vigilance

Your Right To Be Beautiful Seminar

In this informative and exciting seminar, Tonya teaches the basics of the raw food diet and inspires people to take the journey "from plain to beautiful."

If you would like to invite Tonya Zavasta to speak at an upcoming retreat, gathering or to present a raw food diet seminar to your organization or community contact