New Year: New Life

December 25th, 2009

New Year: New Life

The time has come for those ambitious New Year’s Resolutions to make their appearance once again. It’s always the same thing. Lose that extra weight. Eat better. Join your local gym. Quit smoking, cut out coffee, stop eating at night. There’s something about a brand new year that inspires us to turn over a new leaf, create a brand new life. A great way to start a new year is to make a life changing commitment: "I will listen not to what I want to hear, but to what I need to know."

When it comes to losing weight and looking better, you’ll find an abundance of options out there. I just received a mass email from one doctor who wrote: Forget diets and exercise! Another email promised: Take a pill to burn all the fat in your body. Still another: Get a laser treatment that will take care of the extra weight around your stomach and thighs! These promoters know what you want to hear.

It’s the euphemisms that fool us. Consider: Who’d pay some guy to stuff a vacuum cleaner hose under the flap of their tummy and slurp out the excess flab? But call it “liposuction,” or “lipoplasty” and that somehow makes it appealing. What sane person would say Bovine toxin...or paralytic poison… That’s for me, yes, sir! Stick it in! But call it ‘Botox’ and it’s almost cute! Then there’s this whole stapling thing—stapled stomachs, butts, and even a recent, quirky little thing involving stapling your ear as a supposed way to curb appetite.

That’s not to say these services won’t offer the instant gratification they promise. But they do not slow your aging process and they will not make you healthier, let alone heal or prevent disease. Instead, the assault on your body brought by these surgeries and attendant anesthesia will certainly have a negative impact on your looks.

If you’re over 40, you probably you know too well about those little wrinkles that insist on settling down in that same spot on your face for the rest of your life. The flabby skin that likes to wave hello every time you do. You may have your own ‘inevitables’ to add to that list. But the question is, are they really inevitable?

These things and many others are parts of the aging process. That aging is guaranteed to happen when you live an unhealthy lifestyle. Sooner or later, your habits, good or bad, will catch up with you.

To have outer beauty, you must first create inner beauty. I do not mean to say that a loving and kind person will not be overweight, or that someone who is compassionate and patient will not have acne. We’re talking about another kind of internal beauty, a beauty that comes from healthy internal organs. Aging is the mirror reflection of your liver, colon, heart, kidneys and arteries losing their peculiar kind of “beauty.”

Eat raw foods, the way we were intended to, and you will achieve the inner cleanliness and vibrant health that will manifest themselves in radiant outer beauty.

My first book, Your Right to Be Beautiful, was written about this very transformation process. Once your body is clean, thriving, and working to its best ability, it will reward you with a beautiful outer shell.

My ebook 100 Days to 100% Raw is your roadmap to success. Here, I’ll guide you step by step, with all the tools and support you need to fulfill your resolutions for 2010. This is your year to shine, and I am determined to help you get there—the right way!