My Favorite Raw Food Success Story (May 2008)

May 30th, 2008 by Tonya Zavasta

I Follow God’s Raw Food and Avoid Sickness, Discomfort and Pain

I tried not to whiff the roasted garlic and especially not to gaze at the darkened-green limp things in my friend’s leftover lunch. I’d like a bite. I could almost—but not quite— taste that grilled asparagus: a favorite of mine since becoming a non-meat eater. However, looking at the life gone out of that once health-promoting veggie, turned my tongue quite contentedly to my tasty green smoothie and convinced me once again of the truth: Tastes change when you change your diet.

Raw Foods and Emotional Healing: Half a Cup of Sweetness

Hypoglycemia may not be as life threatening as cancer, but I was ready to end life with my husband at best, and at worst, end my life altogether. There was a black cloud over my head. My emotions were a shambles. I hated my husband. And I thought I was normal.

Raw Foods: I Love Who I Have Become
Just two Decembers ago, I was the 13 years old girl who sat in the back of the classroom. I never talked to anybody and nobody ever talked to me. I was the girl who read all day and cried all night just waiting, wishing, and dreaming that her life and her pain would be taken from her.

Raw Foods: Losing Weight and Feeling Great
Ten years ago, I met this wonderful lady who ate all raw foods. At the time I was new to the idea of eating only raw foods. I didn’t think anyone else in the world ate this way. I was amazed at how young she looked. She had beautiful long hair and not a wrinkle on her. At the time I believed it was genetics. I was very jealous.

I was Told My Liver Disease was Incurable: I Turned to Raw Foods and Saved my Life
For years I had terrible stomach pains, and for years eating certain foods made me sick. I became very fatigued, developed itchy skin, high cholesterol, thyroid problems, cramping in my legs and my spleen was enlarged. My blood work and liver counts were all messed up, but doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me. My gallbladder was removed and yet I still had stomach aches when I ate.

Raw Foods and Clear Skin: Irritating Little Red Dots
What has raw food done for me? Sure I’ve lost weight, started running marathons, lowered my resting heart rate, had more energy, etc., but the most important thing as far as I’m concerned (and call me vain if you wish), was the significant reduction of the appearance of a genetic case of keratosis pilaris, also known as ‘annoying little red dots on the upper arms.’

Don’t Get Even–Just Go Raw
At 35 I had beautiful waist length hair, smooth skin and was told I looked 26. I had been a model so I was really into glamour and looking as perfect as I possibly could. Then one day I became very ill. I developed skin rashes all over my face and body so severe that I could not even wash my face because my skin burned and peeled off. I had migraine headaches with severe vomiting. Suddenly, all the glamour was gone.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Helped with the Raw Food Diet
Mama we need you!
It was the end of fall in Australia, 1994, when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 43. My children were only 6 and 8 years old at the time.

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