My Favorite Raw Newsletter

Miss Tonya Zavasta. Thank you thank you thank you… For all that you do. Out of 6 or so “raw newsletters” I receive monthly: you are my favorite. I hope you don’t mind that I use your “real talk” as inspiration for my next newsletter…Aloha nui Loa.

Grateful For the Newsletter and Products

Dear Tonya, I just want to say how grateful I am for your monthly letter packed with excellent info, discussion, suggestion, recipes, etc…Thank you, especially, for your passion and integrity in this business of health and beauty. I have been looking forward to read your monthly newsletter, as well as have been using your products including books and equipment for 2 years now—I really appreciate your doing everything to share the best from your knowledge (via well done research) and sell the best products (without compromising for profit gaining). I am motivated to put into practice when I have good knowledge (my whys are answered, etc…) and I am not too burdened with complicated procedures or recipes. THANK YOU for a variety of rawsome recipes, especially the simple yet tasty ones so I can stay flexible with my schedule.

65 Years Young on Raw

I have the book Rawsome Flex; and wondering if you could exchange it for the book Raw Food and Your Compromised Teeth instead on this purchase?  I love your products and have given the creams and brushes to my sisters for their birthdays as well. I am 65 years young and in my second year of eating all raw food and needed to be refreshed again with your newsletter. Thank you for your books, etc. I appreciate your dedication to helping us who don’t know very much about being young on raw. Thank you.

Look Forward to Every Newsletter

Greetings Tonya, I look forward to every newsletter you send out and wanted to say that this one is of particular note. Thank you for the good information on Botox. I really enjoyed it. Raw wishes.

Wonderful Health Information

Dear Tonya,  thank you for the wonderful, healthy information:-). I’m feeling beautiful outside and inside thanks to your information and recommendation. Waiting for the next Newsletter about Raw food and beauty. The best wishes.

Best Newsletter Yet

Best newsletter yet!  Please share more information–these direct email quotes from raw foodists were SOOO inspiring! Along with listing their varying diets, this was a great newsletter!!

Forever Grateful

Thanks so much for your newsletter, Tonya!  You, along with Victoria Boutenko, Brenda Cobb and Ann Wigmore have saved my and my husband’s life! We very much cherish the books you wonderful women have written and they are the go-to books when we need answers. We are forever grateful for your combined pioneering efforts to bring the world’s health situation into proper perspective.

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