Quantum Eating Makes Sense

Ahhhhhhh, I am seeing now, and the truths are clicking into place for me.  I’m now half-way through Quantum Eating, and the more I read, the more ALL of this makes sense. Thank you for bringing this information to light.

Loving Quantum Eating

Dear Tonya, I took your advice and have been reading Quantum Eating and I am loving it, it is so fascinating and I am learning so much.

Fabulous Book

I just bought your book, Quantum Eating… Fabulous! I look forward to every page. Your humor, intelligence and grace are outstanding and of course, inspirational. I am on my way to Higher Health :) .

Sheer Fascination

I just finished reading “Quantum Eating,” and am now re-reading it out of sheer fascination with the quality of information there. It is truly a masterwork with intriguing ideas and should be required reading for every raw-fooder out there. I found the caliber of your information outstanding and of great use. So many raw-food books repeat things that most of us already know. But your book repeatedly broke new ground.

QE and Hot Yoga So Inspirational!

Tonya, I just finished reading Raw Food & Hot Yoga today. This book and Quantum Eating I have found SO inspirational. In fact, I have never been so tremendously inspired over this way of eating since the time I first heard George Malkmus talk about it in August, 1996. You are a truly great motivator and inspiration.

Love your Writing Style

I have just completed reading Quantum Eating which I thoroughly enjoyed, although I am nowhere near adopting that into my way of eating, I did get a lot out of it and can adapt some of what you say to my own circumstances. I love your writing style! You communicate your message perfectly at all times… sometimes emotions can get lost in translation so to speak, but whether it’s humour, seriousness or expressing self deprecating sentiments, you succeed in doing so!

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