Love Your Book

Hi Tonya, I hope you are having a shiny day! …I love your book “Your Right To Be Beautiful“, youtube videos and how you create a creative and mystic fusion between healthy foods and beautiful looks, your beautiful raw vegan recipes and your interesting newsletters in my inbox! It is my intention to continue on reading other of your books full of knowledge and experience! Thank you so much for sharing your life with me and many others around the world!

Love All Your Videos

Dear Tonya, you are my hero. I started my vegetarian journey in april fool day 1/4/2013 and on my way to raw vegan I would like to be like you. I love all your videos…I have to lose 50 pound and hopefully it will shred off by the end of 2013. Thanks that i met you accidentally while browsing the net. Ciao for now.

Making the Transition Beautifully

I just wanted to say thank you for the beauty you put out into the world Tanya! I discovered you one day on Youtube and am so grateful to have found you. You have helped me change my diet, health, and very existence. I would never have thought of myself as capable of maintaining a raw food diet – but with your wonderful books to help lead me thru the journey and to inspire and motivate me along the way, along with your pure line of products to nourish and polish my exterior, I am making the transition, quite literally, “beautifully”! I feel and look AMAZING. I’m approaching my late 40s and can say I am so EXCITED about what life has in store for me now! thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I send much gratitude and wish many blessings for you and your family this Thanksgiving :-)

Watched All Your Videos

Watched all your videos. Thank you, I learned a lot. Using your mask and cream daily. And eating about 70% raw. Feeling phenomenally good! So much energy, 4-5 hrs a sleep is sufficient now.

You look absolutely divine! One tip for you,when you make videos, the background could be more cozy and attractive maybe. Kitchen looks kind of empty. Instead of empty counters and kitchen towels, put some vegetables, fruits, flowers. Just a friendly suggestion, how to make your really good videos even better! Thank you again!

Love the Videos

I love your website and the instructional YouTube videos. It is all so inspirational and has such a generous spirit infused throughout.

Found the Motivation

Good morning! I have read most of your books, I have seen your pictures and your videos on youtube and I must say I am impressed. You look absolutely gorgeous! I have learned a lot from you and I found the motivation I needed to go from 90% raw vegan food, to 100% rawesome lifestyle. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’ve Lost 60 Lbs

Hello Tonya, I am writing because I am in the process of my own raw food journey, which I began after watching one (after another, after another) of your YouTube videos.

Since September 2011, I have lost 60 lbs and have about 30 more that I would like to lose before I am ready to send in my complete transformation photos for your use.

Deep Tissue Facial Massage

Hi. I saw Tonya on YouTube demonstrating deep tissue facial massage. So far I’ve done this last night Friday and Saturday. Already I’ve noticed a difference for the better! I’m in menopause and my complexion has lost its glow and my face is sagging. I’ve tried so many products and nothing seems to help. In my 30?s and 40?s I would get compliments all the time on my complexion. But now even makeup doesn’t help. I want to thank Tonya for her information and she is a great example of the technique. …There is hope for me. Thank you Tonya!!

Starting My Raw Food Lifestyle Today

Tonya, I am starting my raw food life style today! You look AMAZING! I just turned 46. I can not wait to look as good as you do! I run, eat organic food and juice carrots daily, but still have not been totally happy with how I look, After I saw Madonna’s halftime show I started researching raw food and found your videos, you are providing hope and truth for women everywhere, I want to read all of your books and will be putting them on my birthday list. Thank you!

Impressed with the Videos

I viewed all of Tonya’s info on YouTube and was very impressed.  I pray that the Lord bless her for helping women all over the world.  She is brilliant and is willing to share so freely.  I have tried her methods and I am amaze at the results…. May the Lord bless her mightily.

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