Your Best Book Ever

I downloaded your new Kindle book on taking care of your skin!  That is your best book EVER!  I wish you could do a hard copy of that book, as I think it is truly a magnificent work!

Already looking younger

Tonya…let me say how extremely happy I am to have found you. I simply love your teaching on the subject of health and beauty. I am becoming a star pupil! I have been following your beauty rituals as far as face, Quantum Eating, breathing etc. I am a work in progress, although I already look much younger from following 100% raw vegan since July 2013. I went cold turkey from cooked non vegan and I haven’t looked back!

Fabulous Ebook

Dear Tonya, I just want to thank you so much for this fabulous…e-book and bless you for your generosity. I have been a follower of yours for years and have purchased some of your wonderful books…Your journey is amazingly inspirational and life changing for one such as me. God bless.

Great Results!

Hi Tonya, I’m 46 and started going raw about three weeks ago after reading “100 Days to 100% Raw“.  I wasn’t overweight but so far the weight has fallen off in the right places – mainly my stomach and thighs – and not in other places.  Not to mention all the other benefits including feeling amazing…What I find really interesting is how exercising and massaging your face is actually good, along with dry brushing. It must work because your skin is incredible.  I always was under the impression that touching or pulling one’s face was damaging but now I can see how beneficial it is.  When I massage my face with my knuckles I can feel the circulation increase. And it’s completely free!   You look amazing and the fact that you have researched so much and discovered these secrets and share them with everyone is an inspiration to me.  I am filled with a renewed enthusiasm for life!  Thank you.”

Gum is Great!

I just want to thank you for the quality of the products you sell, they are fabulous, this gum is absolutely great I get to improve my dental health and get a facial exercise at the same time! Thanks for the quick way in which you always get the orders to me, cheers to our raw some health have a great day.

Radiant and Ravishing!

Wow Tonya you look radiant and ravishing! Love the way you style our hair and the tropical dress you’re wearing!

I try to adopt all beauty tips you shared, including masquing, dry brushing, facial exercise, moisturizing, wiping ice cube over my face, coconut water hair treatment …..

But what I’ve found to be most effective in healing/preventing skin issues is a raw food diet and daily intermittent dry fasting from the afternoon [Quantum Eating]. I don’t always stick to that, but when I do, I have no acne and my eczema heals. (FYI, since becoming 90% raw since nearly a year ago my acne has healed 98%. What’s left is the contact dermatitis I have on the back of my fingers, which seems to get worse if I touch raw food without gloves. But I have since tackled this by wearing gloves most of the time, washing my hands less, and applying moisturizer to my hands.)

I will be 32 in September and to have come into contact with your work is a tremendous blessing that I have no clue how I earned. You are a goddess who inspires me. I wish to look as beautiful as you do today.

Really Enjoy Your Books

Hello Tonya! Let me say that I love you I’m raw vegan almost 5 years, but just now I’m reading your books Quantum Eating and Your Right to Be Beautiful and really enjoy it. Already 15 years ago, I used to be on a quantum eating as a vegetarian, but just for weight loss and without any knowledge in this subject, I just invented it myself. Now, thanks to you I eat this way again (and with proper nutrition) and love it!

Amazed by the Content

Hello Ms. Zavasta, just today came across your website while browsing the internet and was amazed by the content of your web world and the most unbelievable part: i was surprised beyond words when i saw you ( knowing you are in your mid 50′s )!

Love the Cleanser!

Thank you so much for you and your team Tonya. I am so in love with the new packaging of your products Tonya. SIMPLE and ELEGANT! The gentle facial cleanser IS Sooooo Gentle yet I feel sooooo CLEAN! I even use it to my 1 year old boy. Just WOW!!! My regret only is I placed my orders earlier. If only I had known your selling the Propolis natural eye antibiotic I will surely add that one. I am into the health of eyes cause I don’t want to wear eyeglasses. Someday, I will surely order Propolis and your new face Cream!!! Yaaay, so excited….Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you’ve done. Thank you to the Beautiful On Raw team. God bless you Tonya

Love Your Spirit

I found your site and placed an order. I’m excited to give your products a try.  I love your spirit and the messages you deliver regarding health, beauty and life.

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