Raw Food Transitioning Recipes: Who Needs Them?

January 24th, 2011

Raw Food Transitioning Recipes: Who Needs Them?

People write me, sometimes, to say: You post raw food recipes every month and you even have a book on recipes, but at the same time you stress again and again that a raw food diet must be very simple and “recipes” will have to be left behind. Seems like a contradiction…I do understand. You may feel like you had to buy new appliances, learn how blend and mix all these recipes, only not to use them later.

Here’s how it works…I give you the beginning steps, but I don’t want you ever to forget your final destination: your best possible health. I want you to see the beginning and the end of your raw food journey, and the steps along the way.To achieve that end, recipes will, ultimately, have to go. They are much harder on your digestive system than more simple meals. Start at the beginning, but don’t stay there. Once you’re on the raw food path, I want to push you forward towards your final goal.When you begin a raw food diet, you have to attune yourself to a new raw mentality, to substitute the stove and microwave for some new appliances, to learn how to make ‘cheese’ with no dairy, ‘meatballs’ without meat, pie with neither sugar nor flour, and must also get accustomed to the unfamiliar sensations your body goes through initially.

I believe that giving you recipes is crucial, because without them you mostly likely will never reach the raw food lifestyle, as distinct from a mere raw foods phase. Why start with recipes, with concoctions that mimic ‘regular’ SAD foods? Because they’re familiar. And familiarity is a bridge.

My ambition for you, however, is to eventually cross the river permanently. Cross to the other, better, more natural and healthier side, and stay there. As you continue, you want to lose sight of the bridge behind you. And eventually of those ultimately cumbersome recipes that got you all that wonderful way you’ve come.