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  • Airplane Travel and Your Skin
    Airplane travel is the fastest way to reach many destinations. I’m often asked: Can you share some health and beauty tips for someone who often takes long-haul flights? I drink tons of water in-flight. My skin still gets very dehydrated and I get eye bags!  The fact is, flying is bad for your skin, especially when you’re over 40. Consider the environment… very low humidity, recycled air,...
    by admin
  • Under-Eye Patches for Puffy Eyes, Eye Bags and Dark Circles
    For years I used paper tape under my eyes to keep the area wrinkle-free. But in my late 50s I was challenged to find something that would work more effectively. Here it is… my Bamboo Charcoal WrinkAlign Liners, in packets of two - one for your delicate under-eye area. You can use your Under-Eye WrinkAlign Liners overnight, or use them for an hour or two when you first wake up. Either way, you...
    by admin
  • Hair Loss and How to Re-Grow Beautiful Hair
    Important truth: Diet changes hair. When you change your diet, you’re guaranteed to undergo hair replacement. Most folks switching to a healthier diet initially report some hair loss shortly after they switch. Some panic, deciding they’re not getting enough of some important nutrient, or that they might be doing something wrong as part of  their transition. Once you’ve decided to and are actively...
    by admin

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