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  • Botox...Signs and Consequences
    This comment came after I posted my How to Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles video: I never see your forehead crinkle when you talk, like most normal young people, which to me indicates Botox, even though you claim otherwise. No, angel, the foreheads of “normal young people” don’t crinkle when they talk. Look at the children in your family. Or watch a Home Alone video – google then 10 year-old...
    by admin
  • Lip Injections…What Can Go Wrong?
    Lip Injections...Are They safe? Juvederm and other lip injections—simple “procedures” that give you those big, full, movie-star lips—have side effects. Complications. Everyone knows that, because it’s in the fine print. If you decide to get such a procedure, you’ll have to sign a waiver saying you understand the risks and won’t sue if something goes wrong. Still, you don’t worry. After all, you’...
    by admin
  • Facial Exercises Versus Botox® Injections
    Botox for Wrinkles Injected directly into the muscles of the forehead and facial lines, Botox smoothes the face because it prevents the muscles from moving—by paralyzing them! Botox targets facial wrinkles caused by facial expressions, by the contraction of small, voluntary muscles used in laughing, smiling, frowning, or lifting the eyebrows. When these small muscles are relaxed, the wrinkles...
    by admin

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