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Are Facial Exercises Good for You?

Admittedly, facial exercise is a controversial topic. I found that, while long-term practitioners rave about the benefits, most doctors do not support facial exercises. Most dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons are against the program. Well, that's understandable, I thought. It's called a conflict of interest. Doctors are also not in favor of my 100% raw foods lifestyle. Since most of what I do to stay in great health goes against a doctor's advice, I decided that was probably a plus for the exercises.


Rawsome Flex: Facial Exercises - Available at my online natural beauty store.

What intrigued me was that people who practice facial exercises generally look better than others of the same age. Many of them do not even follow healthy lifestyles - at least, not to the degree that I, and others like me, do. I decided to try facial exercises for myself.

Everyone agrees that we all need to exercise for health and improved self-image. But our ideal picture does not include droopy eyes, eye bags, double chins, no lips, and a jawline that looks like that of a melting cartoon character. You probably work out; maybe you even run marathons. Yes, we want ripped abs, a slim waist, and well-toned thighs. But what about the part of us that we look at most closely every day?

Your facial muscles, as much as or even more than body muscles, can sag, bag, droop, and go all-over wrinkly. While many are concerned with their facial complexion, we don't talk much about exercising the face. Not enough, at least. Facial acrobatics have been around for decades at least, but few people are aware of them. Facial exercises don't receive as much publicity as those which emphasize other areas, but they are just as beneficial.

Cosmetic surgery often requires cheek implants to plump up the face. Why? Because facelifts drag the face backward. While this eliminates sags, it pulls away the fullness of youth. Occasionally, cosmetic surgeons suggest the addition of exercises after a surgery, but generally, they ignore the benefits because exercise doesn't cost thousands of dollars. Surprised? You shouldn't be!

On the rare occasions when facial exercise is discussed, it usually winds up being accused of causing wrinkles instead of smoothing them out. Some experts say that you should not exercise your facial muscles. Their theory is that moving these muscles around during everyday living is responsible for all those little lines showing up in the first place.

Movement causes wrinkles? There is some truth in this. The idea that skin movement causes skin to wrinkle would be true only if our skin were a sheet of paper or a piece of cloth. But skin is a living organ, repairing and rejuvenating itself. Look at children. Kids notoriously make monster faces, often extremely repetitively, that do not result in wrinkles. (Remember your mom saying, "If you make that face one more time, it'll stay that way"? Rest assured, it's a myth.)

A young person’s epidermis continuously develops to accommodate new growth in both musculature and skeletal structure. The challenge is to make our mature skin respond like young skin. The raw foods diet is our only chance. On raw foods, our system works as efficiently as a much younger person's.

Scientists researching the cooked food population believe that growth occurs from birth to about 25 years of age, after which the human body slowly begins to decline. It is when the epidermis is no longer growing and stretching - when it is half dead, in other words - that the ravages of gravity begin to take effect.

If you have any doubts about using facial exercises, look around at your yoga, Pilates, or gym class. The phenomenon I explored in my first book, Your Right to Be Beautiful, is getting more pronounced than ever. People with thirty-year-old bodies have faces that look decades older. You've seen bodies reshaped by exercises, haven't you? In the same way, you can actually reshape your face. Exercising your facial muscles is not nearly as pretty as yoga or Pilates. I think that's one reason I postponed even trying them. But I know for a fact now that they will definitely beautify your face just as other exercises improve your physique - but facial exercises work much faster and more dramatically.

Imagine a rubber band that is permanently stretched. Then you'll have a good image of the way muscles have weakened, lengthened, and drooped in your face. As muscles weaken, they make the whole face sag. So what's the good news? These flabby muscles can be shortened by facial exercises that ultimately lift and firm your face. Exercises shorten loose, slack muscles, making them firm and taut, and helping to diminish the fat around those muscles.

Your facial muscles are the only muscles in your body that insert (or attach) to skin at one end rather than being attached to bone at both ends. Toning your facial muscles will directly affect the appearance of your skin. Through facial resistance training, you can build muscle mass, stretching the epidermis and reducing wrinkles. Facial exercises also strengthen and tighten the understructure of your face and neck. Droopiness, flabbiness, furrows... you can say goodbye to all of them.

What about Facial Exercise Devices?

I looked at my own face, and I knew - I had to begin exercising it along with everything else. My thinking went like this... I'm busy - extremely busy - and there's no way I can squeeze in another twenty minutes just for my face. I reasoned: You see those folks at the gym, gleefully knocking off Finnegan's Wake as they pound away on the stair climber or treadmill. Why not an exercise device I can use while reading or working on the computer, so I don't need to set aside any extra time?

I started looking. I bought every imaginable gadget, gewgaw, doodad, device, dealie, whatchamacallit, and thingamajig that claimed to strengthen or develop facial muscles. The goal: a device I could in good conscience recommend to my readers and offer on my website. My one vital condition: I had to like it and be willing to use it every day myself.

Disappointment abounded. Some gadgets were utterly useless. Others were too bulky for the results they delivered, too cumbersome to carry on long trips. Some were so uncomfortable I just couldn't make myself stick with them. If I couldn't get myself to do it, I reasoned, most other people wouldn't want do it either. Effective results... easy application - that's what I wanted to offer on my website. One purchase after another, and... nothing. After I hurt my jaw joint with one chin exerciser, I took a different approach, looking not at new gadgets but at old-fashioned exercises. You know the kind - just you and a method. I sought a solution that would take just my face and my own two hands. Simple is good. Simplest is better yet.

Why Another Facial Exercises Book?

Raw foods made me feel 20 years young again. Now I want to look as young as I feel. I might never reach my goal, but I'll never quit trying. That aspiration has led me to develop my Rawsome Flex: Beautifying System of Facial Exercises and Raw Foods.

I spent almost a thousand dollars to get every book that has ever been published in English and Russian on facial exercises, and I ordered every DVD available. There are some very well produced DVDs. But they lack one very important ingredient - motivation. These DVDs feature young, flawless models. They're so far from your own age and your own expectations - and mine - that it's discouraging. You keep wondering: Why are these fabulous babes doing facial exercises to begin with?

Some programs I've tried or investigated are expensive, including costly hard-cover booklets to keep records, gloves for performing the exercises and Pacing CDs that I didn't need. Some are hard to follow. And others I thought were incomplete.

I tried every exercise I found many times to see if it did what it was supposed to do, and to see whether I might improve on it. While developing my own Rawsome Flex System, I combined the strengths of every program I studied, adding my own innovations.

Facial Exercises and Raw Foods

All facial experts give the same advice we hear everywhere. Exfoliate just once per week. Drink eight to ten glasses of water a day. Take vitamins. Use olive oil for cooking. Eat whole grains. Eat lean meat. Among the suggested products are: Retin-A, copper peptide, omega-3, folic acid, vitamin C. These suggestions are generally outdated. For raw foodists, they are absolutely inappropriate. I do none of these things. But I eat a 100% raw foods diet. It works better, and I daresay I have the face to prove it.

Having a lifetime of good skin care will give your skin a youthful appearance and will probably make the exercises seem more rewarding. But no cream in the world can truly counter gravity. Exercising will.

For the first time in the history of natural facelift programs, here is a full system, a system thoroughly integrated with the principles and practicalities of the raw foods lifestyle. Here’s an ideal program for a natural facelift, entirely complementary to the raw foods lifestyle.

Do not Have Time to Do Facial Exercises? I Have a Solution!

There are days when I think I am the busiest person in the whole world, although I am sure some of you can challenge me. My day already feels like 25 hours, so I had a serious dilemma regarding how I could find another 20 minutes to work in facial exercises. Where there is a problem, there is a solution. I came up with an idea for simplifying my raw food preparation. (And no, living on air was not an option, plus it wouldn't be original: others have already suggested it.)

I believe that some people who will be attracted to my Rawsome Flex ebook may not have much experience with raw foods. Still, I find it very hard to write for beginners, because I said everything I know about raw foods in my other books, and I definitely don't want to repeat myself.

I found a simple trick to free up 20 minutes, and I am going to share it with you in the ebook Rawsome Flex System, with the condition that you will use the extra time to do facial exercises. The method is quite simple and will be very useful for beginners, but it only be appreciated by the raw food veterans, who will recognize a good preparation technique when they see it.

Rawsome Flex System

My Rawsome Flex  System is the result of my continuing effort to ward off aging. I've determined to develop a program I can do myself - no artificial aids for me, and definitely no nips and tucks! Only when I'm absolutely delighted, utterly hooked on this method's performance did I decide to share it with you.

Whatever I offer my readers, I do personally. Essentially, I developed all these exercises for myself. I increase my knowledge and experience, and pass it to you. Anything I've tried on myself and promoted for others has had to be a straightforward, simple routine; otherwise, I just wouldn't do it. The system also includes some unusual, simple, but effective beauty tips. And, naturally, some good raw food recipes.

Facial Exercising is an Essential Part of My Beauty Routine

I've been walking on air for the last several months. In Quantum Eating, I outlined the optimum balance between food, health, and anti-aging benefits. Some might even say I pushed the envelope. Now what? Facial exercises gave me another trump card just when I thought I had exhausted all the possibilities for a winning hand against aging, and against gravity in particular.

Facial exercises will narrow your face - body gap by ten years or more. If you follow a raw foods diet, facial exercises can be even more beneficial. Why stop your exercising at the neck. I'm determined to exercise my face - like the rest of my body - for the whole of my life, and I hope you will too.

One of the first adjustments I had to make in practicing facial exercises arose from the fact that I wear my nails long. Therefore, any exercises that involved putting my fingers in my mouth were out of the question. I set out to overcome that obstacle and others, and to develop alternatives that would provide the same benefits but that would be more pleasant to perform.

Though I do use some of the classic facial exercises that every program employs, the Rawsome Flex System is unique. In some instances, I originated my own versions of facial exercises. Every system I've tried offers some good exercises for the lower jaw, but none for the upper. I was able to fill this gap through an exercise of my own design.

I believe some of the exercises I've originated are the most effective. Some of your facial muscles will actually lift weights, using simple props available in every household. I spent many weeks refining each exercise for the best possible effect.

If I was unable to improve an exercise, I combined it with others to make it more effective while saving time. As I tried every exercise offered by others, I sought to create better effects with fewer repetitions. Each exercise, you'll find, becomes a workout on its own.

In fact, in my program you do each of 30 exercises once during the first week and then twice. We begin with one area - eyes for example - do about 3 to 5 different exercises in this particular area, each building on the effect of the previous set. Then we move to another area. It's much easier to remember your schedule because it works specific areas at a time.

The exercises I refined or designed “from scratch” are easy and fun to do.

Any exercise done incorrectly will cause problems, and facial exercise is no exception. But correctly done, these exercises will lessen the worn out appearance of the face and return some of its youthful fullness. Fortunately, the exercises in the Rawsome Flex System are almost impossible to do incorrectly.

In Rawsome Flex, there are 30 exercises with illustrations and detailed instructions. I’ve also included new beauty tips and inspirational information intended to make you do the exercises. At the end of my 21-day regimen, you will have developed a healthy habit that will be hard to break. 

Before and After Pictures

Kelli, my research assistant, tried out my program for 6 weeks, and provided the Before and After pictures below, as well as her comments.

Did you get to read 6- week journal of facial exercises? I hope you enjoy it and that you can post it on the site asi believe it will influence others to use your program. Here (below) are before and after picture.

Rawsome Flex: Facial Exercises - Available at my online natural beauty store.

Pat 2 years after facial exercises

Hi Tonya,
I wanted to send you the latest photo of myself (at 57 yrs old) after staying with your facial exercises for a little over 2 years (since Nov 2008). I hope everyone interested in creating a more youthful facial structure uses your exercises.  God bless! -Pat