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WARNING: RejuvaCup MUST NOT be used if you have had Botox or any other cosmetic injections or fillers.

What makes skin healthy? Answer: What’s going on under your skin.
RejuvaCup does a deep-tissue massage: releasing muscle tension, improving circulation, and helping to detox the underlying tissues.


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Product Description


    Here’s how to use your RejuvaCup… 

    Apply some oil or oily night cream lavishly. Squeeze and hold the ball of the cup and place it close to the skin. Then release the ball so your facial tissues are pulled inward. Begin moving the cup along your troubled spots—your under-eye areas, between the eyebrows, the sides of your nose, and under the chin. If suction is lost, squeeze the ball again and reattached to the skin.
    Give it a few weeks and a little patience, and you’ll see and feel the results. Get ready for the compliments!

    Caution…You might experience temporary blemishing. This is normal, since you’re bringing deep-lying toxins to the surface. It’s a small price to pay for the healthiest skin you’ll ever experience.

    Learn more about RejuvaCup here

Product's Review
    1. Instant Glow Review by Tammy
      Product Rating

      Out of all the Tonya contraptions (in jest, these are serious tools) this is by far my favorite!! I actually signed in to specifically give this review because each time I use this cup I am flat out amazed. So here I am. You will not be disappointed! I am 2/3 raw and still have gorgeous results. Thanks Tonya. Keep these new products coming. (Posted on 1/18/2017)

    2. Good for occasional use Review by Valerie
      Product Rating

      First off I wanted to say I love Tonya's products, the facial Strigil and the Dry Skin Brush. I was looking forward the RejuvaCup. It gave a lovely glow to the skin but I found that over time it seemed to make fine lines more prominent. Maybe that's just me, facial exercises did the same thing. However it's a really nice product to use in the morning to 'wake up' your face. For me, just not every day. (Posted on 1/10/2017)

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