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Facial Cupping Massage

Your skin is healthy only when underlying tissues are free of toxins and stagnation and when fresh blood and oxygen are readily available for new cell development. And that’s just what RejuvaCup will do for you.

Consider how a farmer’s plow is used for turning over, cultivating, weeding, or loosening the earth, especially to prepare for planting seeds. The RejuvaCup does something similar for the underlying tissues of your face. It will prepare your skin to better absorb your creams, greatly enhancing their effectiveness.

Collagen is the main structural protein in the extracellular space in various connective tissues, your facial tissues in particular. Collagen and elastin production slows with age, causing older elastin fibers simply to wear out. Skin loses its elasticity and fibrous support. These changes in skin structure cause it to sag, wrinkle, and crease. Sebaceous glands produce less oil, so dryness adds to the problem. As skin loses its overall vitality, fat cells, too, tend to become smaller and less able to fill in weak areas. The RejuvaCup will do wonders to combat these processes.

I received my RejuvaCup! I used it right away. I am an esthetician, my instant reaction, My face needs this! I cleansed my face, neck, I then applied my facial oil serum and onto the RejuvaCup. It really stimulates circulation where finger manipulation cannot achieve these results. My skin was loving this from the moment of contact. My lips looked instantly more alive, younger. My skin glowed from within. I applied makeup later that day, my skin looked flawless, PLUMP alive. This is an Amazing Added Treasure for healthy Skin, benefiting All Women. Thank you.

Our RejuvaCup (Outer diameter D=20mm. Inner diameter d=15 mm ) is super easy to use.

  • Apply oil or night cream lavishly. Squeeze and hold the ball of the cup. Place it close to your skin. Release, pulling your facial tissues inward.
  • Move the cup along your forehead, under-eye areas, between the eyebrows, the sides of your nose, under your chin. When you lose suction, squeeze the ball again.
  • Start with 30-second treatments. Gradually increase treatment sessions to 2 minutes.

Rejuvenate Your Face -- For Real!

Start with a 10-15 second treatment your first day. Within two months, increase each treatment session to 2 minutes. Give it a few weeks and a little patience, and you’ll see and feel the results. Get ready for the compliments!

None of my methods and tools is about covering your skin problems, but rather about allowing your body to cleanse them out of your system for good.

Cleansing is the name of this game. And it isn’t easy. As part of “tilling your facial terrain,” you might experience some blemishing—the natural, inevitable result of bringing deep- lying toxins to the surface. You need to be ready for that experience—the price you’ll have to pay for eventually clear, youthful skin, else don’t use the RejuvaCup.

Cleaning of Your RejuvaCup

You can separate the rubber ball from the glass for thorough cleaning. But it's best not to do this too often. You want the parts to cling tightly to one another. Frequent separation can loosen them.
The best way: Use a cloth sprayed with 4% hydrogen peroxide. Wipe the glass part after each session. Keep water always away from the inside of the rubber ball, as this would be hard to dry well.

Let us Compare: RejuvaCup and the Smallest Cup in the Venus Set

Customers ask me: What is more effective, the smallest cup in the Venus Body Sculpting Set or the RejuvaCup?

Let me answer with an analogy. It’s like asking which is more effective—the 10-pound dumbbell or the 20-pounder? It depends. Each has its purpose and its place. If you’re new to weightlifting, you might need to start with ten pounds, then gradually move up to twenty.

Likewise, if your face is new to cupping, you’ll want to start gently with a cup that’s made for your face: RejuvaCup. Let your facial skin adjust to this kind of massage. Then, in six to eight weeks, try the smallest cup in the Venus Set, or our new RejuvaCup HD.