April 2009 Testimonials

July 20th, 2009

April 2009 Testimonials


I was emailing a friend of mine yesterday telling her of my goals and I realised that these now seem possible because of you and not only that but I could also see that you have made me believe that I can shoot for the stars! This is motivating me to change more than anything.

The conventional teachings and beliefs of the world don’t do it for me because they make me feel that now that I am older I cannot reclaim my youth and beauty, I have to settle for less. Because of that I have not attempted to change ANYTHING about me but now knowing I can once again be youthful and beautiful DOES excite me! Who wants to work for anything less??? You have made me believe by your example more than anything. I am starting a little later than you did but I think it is never too late and anything is possible if you believe and do the work.

Keep up the good work! You will be blessed beyond measure for giving hope to those around you. You are well and truly fulfilling your purpose in life! -C.


Dear Tonya!

I have received the rest of my ordered items today! Thank you for your great customer service and all the work you do! I hope you will never stop making your magic mask and an amazing miracle face cream!-N.


Oooooweeee. I just got the copy of the new book in the mail! What a lovely surprise. Thank you so much. Truth be told, it is exquisite. Just marvelous. It turned out so good, I dare say it might be the best book yet. I was already driving my husband crazy saying "Listen to this part" and "Oh, you gotta hear what this one says". People are going to be snatching it from the book tables like it's going out of style.-Kelli.


I want to thank you for your labour of love in writing “Quantum Eating”. I do enjoy the scientific backing of your theories but more than that I love your pep talk and the ability you have to inspire and motivate people to take care of themselves and to live the raw food diet as a lifestyle. You have certainly inspired ME! I have believed in the Law of Attraction for a while now but you made it sink deep into my heart. At 52 I had convinced myself that life has passed me by and I have missed the boat. Quantum Eating has liberated me on so many levels and has freed me to believe that I am just beginning! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I especially loved the chapter “Simplify Your Life”. It has made me lose my mentality of lack and has helped me to believe with my heart and not with just my head, that the most important things in life are love and service. I believe you give both to your readers.

I am DYING to read your new book! I want to read what you put in there about fasting. I am so converted to that principle. I will be buying it soon and I am sure I am going to just love it. I’ll let you know what it does for me.

Wanted to also tell you I love your face mask. I have been using it for a few months now and I think it is awesome. Need some more of it too so will be ordering it with the book.

Keep up the good work. You are awesome! Wish I could meet you in person…….maybe one day. - C.

Dear Tonya,
There is quite a bit of hipe about longevity and anti aging in the raw food community. I looked a bit at one short interview. I don't understand, haven't people read your book 'Quantum Eating'? ... I mean you are a living proof of what you teach in your books. I live in Sweden and don't know much of what goes on in the US, even though if I was on some sites/ chat sites I probably would know more than I do now, but this was my personal feeling.

I know your teaching works because now at 34 and a half I started regorously folowing the face care regim you talk about and is yielding wonderful results. I am also trying to not eat after 4 pm but at times is hard as I nurse and also I haven't yet been able to set up a regular eating schedule due to al the things that come between.

I had a sugestion. I get your newsletters and I thought how wonderful and helpful would be if Nick would write his testimony, now that he is 100% raw. He could talk about how he felt when you were raw and he wasn't, what he thought about you and your diet, and how he feels these days. I think this could be a help to read to many husbands out there that cling so tightly to their meat, cheese, potatoes, etc.

Thank you Tonya for your attention! Many blessings, -I.


Hi Tonya!

I am a big fan of yours, and I just want to say, that whatever you're doing, keep doing it!!!

I recently saw a picture of you online, and I said to myself... and please excuse me, "This little heifer!!!" I have always been happy for you discovering your new found beauty. But THIS time, I was a little upset! I said, "This woman keeps getting older, and older, and PRETTIER, and SEXIER, as she goes along! It's not FAIR!!!!"...You always looked sexy since going on the raw food diet a number of years ago, but NOW... somehow , you look SEXIER. You have a youthful, SULTRY, sexy siren look to you now. ...Is this do to the facial excersizing? Please let me know your secret. Sincerely, -K


Hello!! I just received my order (2 jars of the mask and 2 jars of your cream, with the two facial brushes and the book, Rawsome Flex) !! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I will be trying the cream very shortly - which, by the way, smells good enough to eat!

I wanted to also mention - again - how much I appreciate the WONDERFUL packing job! I think you told me last time that your husband does all the packaging. I have NEVER seen packaging done so neatly, and safely! Wow!

Can't wait to get your latest book Raw Food and Hot Yoga, which I ordered just before the above order.

Tonya, I have been thinking about you alot recenlty, and also about your book, Quantum Eating. I have had that book for quite awhile now, but just recently got serious about reading it. WOW!!! I am sooo impressed! You have motivated me! -P.


Dear Tonya,

I enjoy reading your monthly Beautiful on Raw newsletter. I am having a hard time convincing myself that I could actually go on the raw food diet. I am 52 years old and have eaten the way of most American's my entire life. I almost feel like I would have to be diagnosed with cancer in order for me to change the way I eat. My family all eat the same way I do and see no reason to change, which makes it harder for me to change my eating habits.

I don't want to have the illnesses of aging that I see my parents suffering with. That in itself should be enough to motivate me. However, I am tired of being tired, tired of being overweight, and tired of not being as beautiful as I could be. Therefore, I am going to start slowly to make these changes in my life. I appreciate the personal examples you provide in teaching. These examples inspire me and make it seem like even a regular person like me can achieve better health and well-being.-S.



Good news from my eye doctor that I wanted to report [being three years on the raw food diet]. Went for a checkup yesterday, for the first time in about 20(!) years. At age 58, I was apprehensive that I'd been negligent in taking care of age-related eye problems. However, I was pleasantly surprised when he told me everything looks really good. In fact, my eyes have improved even over what they were when I was 16 years old! He's recommending that I now see better without glasses, and that restriction will be removed from my driver's license. Hallelujah!

Also, I recently went for my yearly dental checkup. There were no problems there, as both teeth and gums were healthy. The dental hygienist complimented me on taking such good care of my teeth. She said it was a pleasure to clean my teeth, because it's so easy. I didn't tell her that I'm sure it's all the raw fruits and vegetables that I'm eating. -Judy B.

Hi Tonya:

I just received your newsletter and am eagerly awaiting you new book [Raw Food and Hot Yoga] which I have preordered. I love your cream and enjoy all your books. I have seen you in Toronto and was very impressed with your natural beauty and energy (and humour!). -C.R.


The main reason I went on raw food diet was is to fix my skin. Nothing else was really making a difference. It did make my acne disappear. What it does is cleanse you from the inside. Skin problems stem from internal health. Eating raw food diet makes the blood cleaner and this helps how we are on the outside. Personally I had to drastically reduce my sugar intake. No more candy, soda or high sugar fruits made a huge difference alone. -H.