December 2008 Testimonials

January 3rd, 2009

December 2008 Testimonials

What People are Saying


I’m so thrilled with the improvements in my life since deciding to commit to the Quantum Eating plan. When I met you in person, then I really believed I could do it too.

A couple of months ago, I took one of those online quizzes about the size of my global footprint. I found some things that needed changing, and I will work on those. But, what really excited me was when I was thinking about my food consumption now that I’m eating raw food, and eating only two meals per day.

Did you know that during the 365 days that will make up 2009, if people eat three meals per day that totals 1095 meals consumed in the year. Most people eat snacks as well, and if they eat like I used to eat, well, I called it “recreational eating” That adds up to quite a bit of food consumption.

I was excited to realize that two meals per day would cut my food consumption by one third, resulting in a total of 730 meals instead of 1095 or more for the year. -G.


[Raw Foods and Healthy Nails] What an extraordinary article! I began a raw foods diet five months ago and have been experiencing major digestive improvement, but I have noticed vertical ridges on my nails lately. I am glad to know that this is not permanent.

I love your site and am so grateful for your good advice. -G.

Hello Tonya,

I first heard you speak at Arnold's Way in PA. I was recently exposed to your facial exercise routine, wow, fantastic.

I do Microcurrent Facials on clients and I wish to introduce my clients to your creams and e-book.

A friend gave me a jar of your face cream and my skin just loves it. The facial and neck exercises made an immediate and noticeable difference, possibly because I have been using Microcurrent.

Additionally, the exercises allowed an out of place vertebrae in my neck to realign within 2 days. This was a painful condition that I have been dealing with chiropractically for almost 4 months. Naturally I am so pleased about that also. -P.B.

Hi, Tonya,

I absolutely love your face skin feels 20 years younger!-C.W.


I was in your raw food seminar Sept. 26th in Little Rock at Whole Foods Store. I was so impressed by you and your information that I bought your first two books, immediately started on the raw food diet/lifestyle and wow has it ever changed my life!!!

Over night I felt like a new person, better than I’ve ever felt!!! And started losing weight and continue to. I have lost 17 lbs. in almost 9 weeks. I maintained weight loss while visiting friends and over the Thanksgiving holiday. I feel “pretty!” I have never felt pretty even when I was younger and looked pretty. But now at age 64 I feel pretty and have more energy than ever!!! I share with anyone who is interested and will listen.

Some have begun the raw food process. I have pictures of “before and after “and am continuing with them. I want to send some to you but thought maybe I should wait until I have finished the weight loss as I have about 15 more lbs. to go. But I am so excited and believe you are an answer to prayer. Just the week before the seminar I had been crying out to God to show me what to do, that I was willing to do anything (I have already tried every diet, pill, exercise, etc)!

On that Friday I was in Little Rock at my oldest son’s home and he said “Oh, by the way Mom, I paid for you to go to a raw food seminar tonight.” I smiled, said “ok” thinking I am so tired I just want to stay home and rest. But, I went and you know the rest of the story!!!

During your talk I had to stand up as by back was hurting from sitting. Now, my back does not bother me so much. I also exercise almost daily with Leslie Sansone’s DVD “Three mile Walk away your Waistline..” - M


Dear Tonya,

Thank you many many times for the book [Quantum Eating]. I got it day before yesterday afternoon, I took it in and I could not put it down, kept on reading until [my husband] came home. It is wonderful news.

I cried my heart out when you write that you looked at old people and felt so sad over how they are humiliated, because they are old and sort of useless.

My mother is 93 and she is unrecognizable, I can not see the woman I have always known in her anymore. He is like a little child and taken here and there in the Old Peoples Home by nurses, whom are actually quite nice. And my mother is totally well with her brain. Only she is so useless with her body. She told me before I still could understand her words that " My daughter, I am imprisoned in my body" and she was crying over her state.
Tonya, one can do it. I just thought I can't It is laziness.- G.


I received my holiday special package and I have not been able to put the books down! I have started juicing although I don't have a vita-mix. The beet juice, apple, celery and lemon combination is very delicious. -J