February 2009 Testimonials


What people are saying about Tonya Zavasta's books and beauty products.


Hello Tonya! Thank you so much for blessing those of us on the raw path with your unique gifts (YOU! your books, cds, dvds, beauty products!) that you share so honestly, willingly and lovingly with. I’ve enjoyed all of your latest books and am especially looking forward to this latest one. Thanks so much again for all that you do!!! You are a beautiful light in our world!! Love --Margie


Dear Tonya,
I saw you speak almost exactly a year ago in Lexington, S.C. and have learned so much from you in the last year. I purchased your books and skin care products and absolutely love everything! I am self-employed and like everyone else, business is extremely slow. I have decided to make the best use of my time by concentrating on my health and home.

Yesterday I read 100 Days to 100 % Raw with a hi-lighter like I was back in school. I also took notes of things I need to buy to start using some of your recipes. I was happy to find that I have accomplished some of the steps. I would like to invite others like me (who are still learning) to join me on this journey to the rawsome lifestyle this year. I keep checking your schedule and hope to see you speak again.

Even though I have only started to learn and live more rawsomely, I cannot get over the difference in my overall health. My energy level is off the charts, my skin, hair and nails even look so much better and I am by no means 100% raw yet. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to people through your ability to educate and encourage others to live more healthfully. Keep up the good work!! -Dawn


Thank YOU so much for your wonderful facial cream...I ordered my first jar from Living Temple in Huntington Beach...and LOVED it IMMEDIATELY, anyway I just ordered 2 jars from you with the face brush...I have received them thank you but was wondering if you use the brush on wet skin or dry?

Thank YOU so much you are a GREAT inspiration! -J.


But I will definitely order again your excellent facial creme. I find it is the best eye makeup remover I ever had. -N.


Hello Tonya,

Thank you so much for your sharing your life experience, brilliance and knowledge with us! You are truly beautiful and your intelligence adds to your appeal - what a winning combo!

I have your e-book "Rawsome Flex" and also "Quantum Eating." Love them both!-A.


Dear Ms. Zavasta

I am a big fan of yours and a big fan of your books. I attended your lecture here in Vancouver, BC Canada back in September '08 and have avidly followed your work since then. -S.

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