October 2008 Testimonials

December 4th, 2008

October 2008 Testimonials

Why Eat Raw? Why Quantum Eating?


Dear Tonya,
Thank you for making our world beautiful. I am reading your books and very encouraged to become 100 % raw food eater. I have been looking for a long time for the book that seems right to me. I heard about raw food eating before and start switching slowly, but I did not realize how many benefits it can bring. When my friend gave me your book, I found all the answers and a very interesting story of your life. I bought your books for myself and will definitely recommend them and your products to my friends.-S.

Dear Tonya

I have recently read your earlier books and have just finished reading Quantum Eating. Congratulations and well done on producing one of the most inspirational an well researched books I have ever read. I do not say this lightly as I am a nutritionist and health professional in Edinburgh, Scotland and have ready countless text books over a long period of years. I hope you will continue to offer more of the same. We do visit the United States regularly so perhaps I can see you at one of your seminars sometime. Thank you once more for all the motivation and inspiration. Wishing you continued optimum health and beauty. With warmest wishes, Lillian


Tonya, this newsletter was an exceptional one because of the way you responded to the question about the schedule for eating. Your answer was easy to comprehend and the advice to try and test things for oneself shows your dedication and sincerity in helping others. Keep up the good work. –Theresa


Hi Tonya, You are such an inspiration! My sister and I met you last month in Salt Lake City when you spoke to our raw food group. I have been on a high ever since! I just finished reading “Quantum Eating”. What a marvelous book! You are genius in this area! I’ve been spending this morning reading all of your articles on your web site. So beautiful, inspirational and feels SO RIGHT! I’ve also started going to Bikram Yoga classes for the past two weeks. Wonderful compliment to raw. Thank you for that suggestion also. You are a jewel!- Elizabeth Haverstock


I'm loving your book Quantum Eating! Also, I REALLY like that you are unabashedly sharing your opinions (the +s and -s) on the ideas of Bikram, Graham, Nison, Wolfe etc.... It confirms what I concluded from the festival- some experts have some great advice but watch out for their tangents and their need to confirm that what they have invested or trusted in for a length of time must be "healthy" or "the right way."

Your honesty and ability to share your thoughts in your book are highly valued- please be encouraged to keep going like this! This is the type of book where I find myself hoarding the chapters because I don't want it to be over. Finally, I just want you to know that you have some readers who CAN understand the important factors of intuition and personal responsibility in this delicate health adventure. Therefore please keep being brave in writing about things like dry fasting even when the information could be misused with ill-effects.
Your little encourager,



I have been busy with the roller and love it!!! I am now 1 year and 10 months raw and love it. I just completed your Quantum book and wow is that a stretch but you are living proof that it can be reality. You certainly provide food for thought!

Thanks, You are such an inspiration!!!


Dear Tonya,

I have been meaning to write you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to speak to our small group. What you had to say was so important and inspiring to those of us who were there, and you performed a very generous service for us, and we will always be very grateful to you for helping to get our local group started. I heard nothing but positive feedback, ... I got a real kick out of watching my in-laws there, nodding their heads to everything you said, like they were saying “Amen” in church!

My husband thought there was no way his parents would ever have any interest in the raw foods diet, but my mother-in-law is reading your first book now, and they are curious and definitely interested. Our group is having its 2nd potluck tonight, and I believe there is enough interest that it will thrive. Thank you so much for what you did for us, and thank you so much for being such a wonderful inspiration! It was truly a pleasure to have the chance to spend that time with you. - Kim Cormier, B.A., J.D. Little Rock

You are such an inspiration Tonya. I am European myself, born and raised in Croatia but have lived in Australia for 33 years now. So when I read of your Russian background I can so relate….the fact that you broke away from that culinary culture gives me hope………I still have very strong emotional attachments to European food which I am trying to overcome….it’s more mental than physical though, I am a raw foodist at heart….

But among all the raw foodists I admire you the most and aspire to be like you, especially beauty wise!- C.