Raw Food and Hot Yoga Testimonials (August 2010)



Thanks so much, Tonya! Keep up the great work. You have inspired me, and as a consequence, my patients here in Germany in many ways!!! --B


I have been on the very minimal eating you talk about for years…

I know the joy of not eating! But I rarely have eaten breakfast and eat most food at night. Your book makes perfect sense and now I know why I gain and hold weight even on minimal raw foods. I am going to change to the quantum eating time schedule. Your book is the best raw food book I have ever read. Definitely not for beginners though. Have you heard of biological transmutation? Must work better on raw foods, and better yet on Quantum Eating. Thanks much for this book, now on page 171. --A.

Greetings Tonya, you truly are magnificent!! Your tenacity and perseverance in the face of daunting adversity, has been well served by your courage, intelligence and compassion. Your books and media presentations are thrillingly exciting, inspiring, instructive and thought provoking...all hallmarks of a master teacher. I have added you to my shelf of 'most favourite friends', many of whom you have often quoted and also count among your own special guides and advisers.

Tonya.....you are like a ' Master Lighthouse ' and everywhere you go you will be blessed. I am sooooo proud of you......both as a beautiful woman and as a 'human force of nature'.
May you have great joy and laughter in all your days. In love and appreciation. --S.

Hi Kelli and Tonya, I am continuing with this amazing program and at age 51 tomorrow people are telling me I am turning back the clock. In addition to the brushing, face exercises, eating raw I have been massaging the chin, cheeks and crows feet/temple areas that Tonya speaks about in her books. Tonya also mentions ironing out wrinkles with spoons. I was wondering if Tonya can demonstrate these techniques on a YouTube video. I am not sure if i am doing it correctly. With thanks. --M.T.

Right now I am eating an organic salad with zucchini, scallions, tomatoes, Goji berries (soaked), almonds, and Dandelion greens. :) I topped it with a little organic honey mustard. :) YUM...I can never go backkkk!!! NEVER! I feel so good and already...people have noticed a change in me. :))) THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST WAY TO EAT AND LIVE...thanks to you!!

Kisses...and have a great week...If you stop by my page you will see a picture of the road I walk on ...(where I live in New Jersey) I walk 4 and half miles 2-3 times a week and I go to the gym 4 days a week. :)

Bye now. :) --M.V.

Hi Tonya,

I have been following the protocol of products and exercises and I am amazed that I am seeing a difference after only after a few weeks. I love the face cream and have just started the clay [masque]. The lines around my mouth closest to my chin are all but gone and my eye area looks smoother too. My cheekbones are standing out more! Wow! Exercise 1 really works fast! My smile lines are really deep (barely any frown lines:)) so I am expecting improvement in this area soon. I have a question about the exercise for day 5. I need more of an explanation of how I am to do this one. Am I supposed to feel a suction cup effect while doing it? Am I pressing in and out or making a rotating motion. Thanks for sharing your secrets. I got your Grand Special package and am devouring your books. Have a blessed day! --T

I love your cream. I won’t put anything else on my skin. --S.L.

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