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March 17th, 2008 by Tonya Zavasta

I was Fearful about Going on 100 % Raw Food Diet

Dear Tonya, I received your book Quantum Eating six months ago. Between then and now, I’ve often referred to it during moments of struggle–the struggle being to go 100% raw or not. I’ve been a little easy on myself and decided that ‘adding’ more raw instead of eliminating all cooked (although, plant based) was the best way for me to alleviate this feeling of self-imposed pressure.

In Two Days I Lost Two Years of Aging on my Face

Dear Tonya,
I had to thank you for your presentation in Salt Lake City. I am so happy I didn’t miss it!!! I was captivated by your analytical mind, your capacity to research and to logic, and to be the living proof of your teachings. The only regret I have is that I didn’t learn about you earlier.

Raw Foods: Judy’s Experience with Quantum Eating and Dry Fast

I’ve had the sweating problem for 57 years now, have been raw for 2.5 years and doing the “quantum eating” routine (imperfectly!) only since June 1. I am feeling much better, and am confident I’m on the right track. I did find an article on the Internet (think it was by Dr. Ben Kim) relating hyperhidrosis to food allergies. He specifically mentioned dry fasting as being very calming to the nervous system and healing this type of problem. I do remain hopeful that someday I’ll be completely healed.

Raw Foods Gave me New Eyes
At age 48, my eyesight was going. I had gotten eyeglasses at age 39, when my vision first started changing. My ophthalmologist told me that everyone’s vision starts changing at about age 40.

My Favorite Raw Food Success Story Contest Archive:

May 2008

June 2008

100 Day to 100% Raw: Day Two(3/25/2008)
Reading few chapters of quantum eating book has been a tremendous inspiration for me to take the first step in raw food lifestyle.

Dry Fast and Water Drinking (3/17/2008)

Hi, Tonya
THANK YOU so much for coming to Tallahassee again… Thanks to your ideas on water drinking I have overcome an unconscious practice of drinking water even when not thirsty just because water is “good for you.”…

The Desire to Become Beautiful and Fit is Simply the Natural Evolutionary Instinct Steering Us onto the Correct Path (03/16/08)

Dear Tonya,
I am just so thrilled with your new book, ‘Quantum Eating’! Not only do I praise your magnificent achievement, but I also have to give myself a little pat on the back for intuitively knowing that this book was going to be a brilliant and revolutionary work that I simply had to buy. Mind you—I have not bought a new raw food book in over 20 years!

I Want to be Happy:the Depression Bomb Hits me Way too Often (03/15/08)

I saw a quote of yours on another website; I was interested in you right away. When you came to St. George I missed you, but you left a pile of books [Your Right to Be Beautiful: Miracle of Raw Foods] at the Health Nut, so I bought one. I couldn’t put it down. I love your personal story, and the way you explain beauty. Your book was very motivating in a way I had never been before. Also, you’re so intelligent and fun to read.

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