QE Worth Every Penny

I just purchased Quantum Eating earlier today and I want to say, it is worth every penny. I think it is one of the most intelligent  and thoughtful analyses of health I have read in many years. Like Tonya, I am not found of visiting doctors for check-ups and haven’t been to a physician in two decades. I have maintained a vegetarian/vegan diet for years but have suffered from emotional overeating and lack of energy and a rollercoaster of gaining weight (20-25 pounds) and dieting. I have now been 100% raw for 12 days and feel better than I have in a long time; no cravings and better sleep and energy. I am going to continue to put into practice more concepts of Quantum Eating and include CR and no food after 2 pm which I started today.
Thanks, Tonya, for an excellent book, one which I am sure will benefit my health and daily life.

CR and Raw Vegan was the Answer

I want to thank you for the great inspiration provided in your books (especially your Right to Be Beautiful and Quantum eating). I have been trying to follow a low fat raw vegan diet during more than 2 years without success, but gathering momentum from your books I got myself through the 40 day raw vegan peak, following a caloric restricted raw diet of fresh and organic vegetables with 16 hours of fasting per day. Read the rest of this entry »

Long Time Calorie Restrictor

I’m a long-time Calorie Restrictor, athlete, raw vegan, and since recently reading Quantum Eating a second time, I’m all the way “in the boat” with you, including my eating curfew, and modification of my fitness goals. :)  I 300% joyously agree with and understand the great truths in every word, including the freedom from “things,” the plaque of television, the feeling of social pressures sometimes causing eating later than is right for me, and the misery that follows.