Excellent Book

Thank you SO MUCH for writing such an excellent, thoughtful and helpful book. [The Raw Food Diet and Your Compromised Teeth].  You helped me look at my situation as a big picture and not from any extreme viewpoint that could have devastating consequences as well.

Hope for My Teeth

Just finished purchasing, downloading, and reading Raw Food Diet and Your Compromised Teeth. Thanks to the author for not “sugar-coating” the truth (bad pun intended!). I was at times exhilarated (finally, someone who’s “been there!”), and then depressed (are implants inevitable no matter what I do?).  My dental situation seems worse than Tonya’s when she started…

Like Tonya, all I can do is start from here and now.  I hope she’s wrong when she says superior health could cause only a small cavity to remineralize naturally. Why not a larger one, or larger problem? When skin is cut, all other things being equal, it’ll scab over whether small or large. Maybe wishful thinking on my part…Again, thanks for a great book. I can feel Tonya’s caring in its pages, and also in the way she lays out her website.

Enjoying Ebook Compromised Teeth

Thank you so much for the e-book – The Raw Food Diet and Your Compromised Teeth. I downloaded it and enjoying the book.  Looking forward to receiving my order as well. Tonya’s products are great! She offers so much wonderful information to keep us on the right track with raw living. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Book Gives me Hope

I forgot to mention that I had twelve root canals and started to have them out but only got as far as having four removed before I ended up in the hospital. Having the rest removed is no longer an option for me because of my reactions so finding your e-book on dental care is a real gift. I really appreciate hearing that you are thriving with root canals because it gives me hope that I can as well.

No Pockets!

I also would like to send you my testimonial that I also had good results from implementing some of your tips in your “Compromised Teeth” book. When I went to see my dentist for a check up in January 2010 he looked at my last x-ray from May 2009 and then in my mouth and said “where are the pockets, there hardly any?”. Your “Compromised Teeth” book was very informative and I’m still to implement your other tips with time. Thank you for writing, I hope there will be more books coming with time, your research is second to none.

Loving Teeth Book

Tonya, I’ve been reading since yesterday and I am loving “The Raw food Diet and Your Compromised Teeth”…you really think of every aspect of health! Thanks for all your books.