Quality Products

Dear Tonya and co, let me firstly say that I am a huge fan of your products and articles. I especially love your face cream, and am so pleased to have finally found a shampoo and conditioner that not only cleans, but detangles, smells good and leaves my hair feeling healthy, shiny and soft. Thank you for working hard to produce such quality products.

Conditioner is Amazing!

Tonya, you are a godsend! No joke. I just got my Beauty Bundle today, and I have to say, your hair conditioner is A-MAZ-ING!!!! My hair feels completely like silk. Seriously, it’s so silky I almost don’t know what to do with it! Ha! I highly recommend this to everyone–you will be 1000% satisfied! Thank you a thousand times over for the innovative, cutting-edge work that you do! (Oh my god, my hair is wonderful!). A sincere fan.

Wonders for my Hair!

Tonya, I just wanted to tell you that your shampoo and conditioner has done wonders for my hair! A hair stylist totally fried my hair a year ago. My hair is thinner and fine and what she did totally toasted it :(. I would have chopped it off had it not been for my husband who didn’t want me to. I was SOOOO sad. After one month using your products my hair was already looking a TON better. I got a lot of comments. Now 5 months later, it looks absolutely FABULOUS! I am able to wear my hair down again and how I like it and it looks GOOD! :) I get lots of compliments on my hair now and i owe it to you! Thank you so much for putting out great products!!!

P.S. I also use your face mask and moisturizer and also love that too.

THANK YOU thank you thank you! Sincerely.

Hair Not Falling

We love the shampoo and conditioner. Clara’s hair is not falling in the shower like it used to and she is very happy about that. My hair is not falling as much either.

Shampoo and Conditioner are the Best

Hi, Tonya! I’ve purchased your Raw Beauty Bundle in December, started using it in the middle of January. It’s interesting to notice that my gray hair started gradually turning back to my original color after one week of using your hair products and it keeps getting better. I think your shampoo and conditioner are the best so far which I’ve used in my life. I wonder how you could come up with such a beautiful formula. I must also say that since I started using your hair products I am not losing any of my hair. Thank you so much for bringing those products to the market!

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