Enjoying Hot Yoga!

I have been doing Hot Yoga once a week and after reading her book…I now go 3 times aweek and am really enjoying it.  I am also incorporating dry fasting and green drinks and am really feeling great.   Tonya is a shining light and an amazing gift for people like me seeking true health and vitality. With love and gratitude.

Renewed by Quantum Eating!

I am reading (again!) Quantum Eating, and I am absolutely renewed in spirit because of it. Time had dulled some of my memories of the complete rightness and magic of the 2 o’clock curfew in my daily practice. Whenever I start eating later than 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I feel a subtle uneasiness and guilt, and I know it’s because my body knows the sublime healing powers of non-eating later in the day.

I will probably be emailing you again in the coming days as I pore over the new and expanded version of this great book and its treasures (I LOVE the meridian card!), but for now I wanted to let you know….your work is amazing and appreciated.

Two Years 100% Raw

Hello Tonya… thank you for all your information… it truly makes the journey more enjoyable! 2 years ago I purchased your book Your Right to Be Beautiful at a local Health Food store. I had just started the master cleanse and wanted some support. After the 10 day cleanse I immediately took up my 100% raw food diet and never wavered for these 2 years. Your book makes the “ignorance is bliss” statement very evident!  Once I knew all your information you presented I couldn’t go back to cooked foods.

This past mid-December I ordered your beauty package special and received 1 of each of your hair, teeth & skin products along with your facial exercises… which I immediately started and continue to this day… love them!  I also love, love, love your facial mask and cream!!! I also ordered your 3 other paperbacks in that same order. I devoured them as well. I have started implementing your dry fasting as well as Hot Yoga… Thank you!  I also turned 2 other friends onto your books and they started eating raw foods because of it.

Inspiring Writing

Thank you for connecting with me, Tonya. Your work with quantum eating and dry fasting is truly inspiring me to take my diet and life to the next level!