Your Work is So Helpful!

Hi Tonya, all of your work is SO helpful and there are SO many people converting to much healthier and often raw lifestyles thanks to you and other raw food leaders! Thank you for your faithfulness.

I am writing to request that in your busy schedule you would consider doing more regular YouTube videos – eg when you prepare a blog to post, possibly filming a 5-10 min clip on that topic as well – for those who wouldn’t read a blog, but LIVE on YouTube. Thank you so much for your time and consideration in your very busy life :) Really appreciate all your work and sharing it with us all!

Life Changing Moment

Dear Tonya, your message has reached me via internet, and then reading all your books, newsletters etc. Congratulations on the jubilee!!! Best wishes to all who take part in Beautiful On Raw: many prosperous years to come in your way!Blessings and keep up the good work!
As many people, I can testify: you have given me a life changing moment! I am now more confident and happy person – just because you, Tonya, were brave enough to claim your right to be beautiful! My support and heart is with you. Always!

Love All Your Videos

Dear Tonya, you are my hero. I started my vegetarian journey in april fool day 1/4/2013 and on my way to raw vegan I would like to be like you. I love all your videos…I have to lose 50 pound and hopefully it will shred off by the end of 2013. Thanks that i met you accidentally while browsing the net. Ciao for now.

Encouraged to Try Ballet

Thanks Tonya [for the newsletter What I am up to at 54].  I’m 59 but most people don’t even come near guessing my age.  Looking for a ballet class to sign up for as I type. :)

71 Years Young

Thank you Tonya for making the most wonderful products and all of the information that you share with everyone. I am 71 years young and still trying. Also still trying to go 100% raw, I fall off more than on but stick to about 80%…also tried Bikram…loved it oldest there…It is a long way to go so gave up…May go again. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

Found the Motivation

Good morning! I have read most of your books, I have seen your pictures and your videos on youtube and I must say I am impressed. You look absolutely gorgeous! I have learned a lot from you and I found the motivation I needed to go from 90% raw vegan food, to 100% rawesome lifestyle. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Impressed by Tonya

I do not recall from whom I found out about Tonya Zavasta (I know it was on the Internet), but I am sure glad I did! I started subscribing to her monthly email newsletter and found/find the information to be invaluable. I also read at the bottom of the email that they were looking for people who would organize events that she can speak at regarding raw foods, beauty and anti-aging secrets. I was very interested and contacted Tonya. I set up some events in San Diego during 2008 and that is when I first met this incredible woman! Whether you are a newbie to raw foods or a “seasoned veteran”, you can and will always learn something new. Never discount that regardless of the amount of knowledge you have about any/many different subjects/topics, someone may share with you something you have never heard before. Keep that “childlike” enthusiasm alive and always have a “beginners mind,” and take that “whatever course 101? again and again! Continue reading this review on Mindy’s website…

Admire Your Example

Dear Tonya, the quote you use speaks well to my heart: it is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. Yes, it’s my conviction as well.

I am very grateful to have known you (through your emails, website, and books) and to have had opportunities to use several of your products during these past 4-5 years.  I truly admire your example of conviction and integrity in the way you exercise your God-given gifts and  live out your life in this business. THANKSSSS!!! and THANK YOU for all the wonderful recipes as well.  I am looking forward to try out your new night cream too.

So Encouraging!

Your books and posts are SO encouraging! Every time I feel myself wanting a french fry, I go back and read the science behind why that fried spud is awful for my health. :)

Absolutely Thrilled

Dear Tonya, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to help other people to discover “the beauty on raw”. I am absolutely thrilled to find you (by just clicking on one of your videos on YouTube), and inspired to continue to transition to the raw foods. I am also very excited to be able to get your products and books. I have received the oral care products today, I just love the oral balm! Thank you :)

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