Inspiring Video

Dear Tonya, :) I saw your testimony on YouTube and it was so heart felt, I saw the amount of effort you had put into strengthening your hips and I had to say, you did an extraordinary job, keep inspiring people, it led me to look for you on facebook, it’s truly inspiring! :)

Appreciate Latest Video

Dear Tonya, thank you so much for your latest video on botox alternatives to wrinkles – REALLY appreciate you sharing so much with us all and your heart to help all women reach their beauty potential. Never be discouraged – you’re a true blessing to us all. Have a great day. In Jesus.

Encouragement During the Holidays

Happy Thankgiving to you, your family, and your co-workers. You’ve changed my life for the better and thank you for the encouragement to stick with it through these Holidays. I am truly thankful for you and your work. Blessings.

We Need More People Like You

Tonya, just wanted to thank you for being who you are and please stay that way. It seems like one by one, the raw “gurus”, as they get bigger, choose money over ethics, honesty and respect. …. It seems to me that you are one of the rare few who still does your work because you truly want to better the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Forever Grateful

Thanks so much for your newsletter, Tonya!  You, along with Victoria Boutenko, Brenda Cobb and Ann Wigmore have saved my and my husband’s life! We very much cherish the books you wonderful women have written and they are the go-to books when we need answers. We are forever grateful for your combined pioneering efforts to bring the world’s health situation into proper perspective.

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