Love the Results!

Thank you Tonya!!! I’m running out of the masque and am eager to get started on the face cream……forgot to tell you I’ve been brushing my face for a couple of weeks now and absolutely love the results! Much love.

Wonders for my Hair!

Tonya, I just wanted to tell you that your shampoo and conditioner has done wonders for my hair! A hair stylist totally fried my hair a year ago. My hair is thinner and fine and what she did totally toasted it :(. I would have chopped it off had it not been for my husband who didn’t want me to. I was SOOOO sad. After one month using your products my hair was already looking a TON better. I got a lot of comments. Now 5 months later, it looks absolutely FABULOUS! I am able to wear my hair down again and how I like it and it looks GOOD! :) I get lots of compliments on my hair now and i owe it to you! Thank you so much for putting out great products!!!

P.S. I also use your face mask and moisturizer and also love that too.

THANK YOU thank you thank you! Sincerely.

Face Mask Worked Extremely Well

Dear Mrs. Zavasta, many thanks for package I have received. Delivery was fast and all products were in good condition, thank you again…Especially liked your facial mask and cream. It’s very difficult to find cream which is good for skin and at the same time–nice on skin, as many natural/organic products tend to be heavy in consistence or a little sticky…This is a really beautiful cream with gorgeous vanilla aroma! Also the face mask was a discovery for me–very gentle texture and with warming/tingling sensation…very nice surprise! And worked extremely well!..

Hair Looks So Much Thicker

I am LOVING the hair tonic. I am using it morning and night and my hair looks so much thicker. I don’t think I’ll ever stop using this product. (just ordered the new shampoo…) I also love the mask….well, I love everything I’ve bought from you. Thanks a million.

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