Never Felt Fitter

I just want to share my experience and relate how Tonya’s philosophy has influenced me. I became interested in eating raw about 2 years ago after watching some videos made by Tonya. I was fascinated by how beautiful she is and what a relaxing and soothing way she has about her. I am 54, and while I have always been a fairly healthy eater, did not really exercise. In 2009 I was diagnosed with BC but did not need any chemo etc, just the surgery.

After learning about Tonya’s thoughts about eating raw, I upped my game, and while I dont follow her example to the letter, for the last two years I have eaten mainly salads, raw veg, nuts and fruit. The only cooked food I eat is some fish. I also exercise for at least 30 mins every day.

I had a medical last year and the nurse did a double take when she looked at my test results, and ended up asking me dietary advice!! I had had asthma for 15 years too which has now completely gone!!!

I have never felt fitter, and when I look back, I know that I would not be in this position had I not stumbled upon Tonya and her advice.

Healed from Cancer

Tonya, you are an excellent example of good health, keep up the good work! I thank the Lord for the health message and teachers like you! I was healed of 2nd stage breast cancer in 1984, NO CHEMO, NO RADIATION, NO SURGERY (ALL CANCELLED) through the vegan lifestyle. Ten years later introduced to 80/20 raw, in mid 90?s 85/15 and I saw you in Florida lecture around 2007 or ‘08. Like you, I look many years younger than my age group and haven’t needed a medical doctor since 1984!!!

I will always continue to live the healthy diet and lifestyle, not just for the outer appearance, but the awesome blessings of my healthy internal body. I am a very active senior and happy that I am disease free, enjoying my later years like all of us should and are meant to do!… I know Jack LaLane’s niece here in Hawaii and she looks and does great for her senior age! I will suggest your newsletter to her! Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into the health message!  Aloha.

Forever Grateful

Thanks so much for your newsletter, Tonya!  You, along with Victoria Boutenko, Brenda Cobb and Ann Wigmore have saved my and my husband’s life! We very much cherish the books you wonderful women have written and they are the go-to books when we need answers. We are forever grateful for your combined pioneering efforts to bring the world’s health situation into proper perspective.

No Pockets!

I also would like to send you my testimonial that I also had good results from implementing some of your tips in your “Compromised Teeth” book. When I went to see my dentist for a check up in January 2010 he looked at my last x-ray from May 2009 and then in my mouth and said “where are the pockets, there hardly any?”. Your “Compromised Teeth” book was very informative and I’m still to implement your other tips with time. Thank you for writing, I hope there will be more books coming with time, your research is second to none.