One of the Biggest Inspirations

Congratulations on Beautiful on Raw’s 10 year anniversary!!  Beautiful on Raw has helped me in many ways…  I first read Tonya’s books back in 2008, I had wanted to go raw, but I was struggling and I was not stable in my personal life. Now I am doing what I love…accomplishing more goals, and one of those goals is to go raw, I am also in Toastmasters, I want to tell people how a raw/whole foods lifestyle has helped me in both my personal life as well as my professional life.  Again, Tonya’s books have been one of the biggest inspirations and inspired me to pursue my goals and never give up or compromise:)  thank you soo much!!  And congratulations for ten years of real beauty!!!!

Precious and Powerful Information

Greetings Tonya, I am currently working through Quantum Eating, and just now ordered Your Right to Be Beautiful. Absolutely precious and powerful information, and what a vast and thorough concentration. Thank you for your writing. So nourishing for an awakening soul.

Amazing Skin Care Products

Tonya and Penny! Funny but one of the gals at my office was talking about my skin and gave me compliments. I told her it was your cream, advice and inspiration! The word spread, she ordered and told several of her friends, another friend also complimented me and ordered your skin care and now approximately 8 additional friends have purchased your amazing products in April! Glad I can finally give back to you and spread your good news and talents! Thanks for all you do!

Great Information

Tonya I appreciate you so much all of the research, work and effort you make for our benefit. I have learnt so much from you. I am new to this journey and have been led here by some health issues – making great progress!! I read your website almost daily for information and inspiration that you so generously give. Also I have purchased 2 of your books and will buy more as my journey progresses. May God bless you abundantly.

Fascinating and Unorthodox Ideas

I just had to tell you this – you seem to be on my mind all the time these days, as I have been thinking about the fascinating new and unorthodox ideas I have read about on your website. I even searched out your radio interview on the web – that was very interesting as well. I couldn’t believe when I shopped today at my local health food store and saw that your smiling face was on the cover of a magazine in a rack near the entrance (here in Toronto)!!

Interesting Newsletter

Dear Tonya, thank you for this newsletter.  The articles are as ever interesting, the recipes beautiful and the Mathilda Klein video is so inspiring that I have determined to follow her example!  I have a few years to catch up, stop being so self indulgent and lazy and follow your excellent example. Blessings to you.

My Inspiration

Tonya! I admire the way you have changed yourself so much. You are my inspiration. You truly look like you live what you speak. As in- you walk the talk not just talk the talk. So I think you should just be you!

Love the Videos

I love your website and the instructional YouTube videos. It is all so inspirational and has such a generous spirit infused throughout.

Can’t Stop Reading the Blog

Dear Tonya, yesterday I came across your blog and I couldn’t stop reading it. It must have been one of the most interesting and exciting lifestyle and beauty regimen blogs that I have ever come across, and your ideas are very bold and revolutionary. Where do you get that boldness and confidence to go against the mainstream beliefs? Read the rest of this entry »

Inspiring Writing

Thank you for connecting with me, Tonya. Your work with quantum eating and dry fasting is truly inspiring me to take my diet and life to the next level!

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