Wonderful Newsletters

Thank you Tonya for this wonderful article that highlights how woman can age graciously. I eagerly look forward your monthly newsletters, and when they linger I feel like something important is missing. Almost everything you write captures my interest as being informative, well-researched and practical. The first book I read that was written by you was Quantum Eating and although I had then little knowledge about raw foods it was the very first book in raw foods field that really kept my interest from the beginning to the end and gave me something really to think about. I have read or better say studied almost all your books and love them. Please keep writing and giving to the world something really important! Thank you!

Love Your Book

Hi Tonya, I hope you are having a shiny day! …I love your book “Your Right To Be Beautiful“, youtube videos and how you create a creative and mystic fusion between healthy foods and beautiful looks, your beautiful raw vegan recipes and your interesting newsletters in my inbox! It is my intention to continue on reading other of your books full of knowledge and experience! Thank you so much for sharing your life with me and many others around the world!

Good Newsletter

So glad you sent me your newsletter on hair this morning. You’ve convinced me and I’m gonna keep following you now. Thank you, and so I’m off to your website to learn.

Life Changing Moment

Dear Tonya, your message has reached me via internet, and then reading all your books, newsletters etc. Congratulations on the jubilee!!! Best wishes to all who take part in Beautiful On Raw: many prosperous years to come in your way!Blessings and keep up the good work!
As many people, I can testify: you have given me a life changing moment! I am now more confident and happy person – just because you, Tonya, were brave enough to claim your right to be beautiful! My support and heart is with you. Always!

Interesting Newsletter

Dear Tonya, thank you for this newsletter.  The articles are as ever interesting, the recipes beautiful and the Mathilda Klein video is so inspiring that I have determined to follow her example!  I have a few years to catch up, stop being so self indulgent and lazy and follow your excellent example. Blessings to you.

Look Forward to Your Newsletter

Dear Tonya, I look forward to your newsletter every month. I know it will always contain new and interesting information. Your explanations always go much further than any other health writer I know of, I really respect and appreciate this, so I thank you very much. I can’t believe that it is free as well!!

No One Needs to Age

I have always been into health and studied Nutrition at the University…. However, after what I know now, I realize the Nutrition Degree being offered is so far off from what nutrition is really about. I went on to become a Homeopath, and a Bach Flower Practitioner which fits me perfectly. I do enjoy anything about beauty, and health, always have. I love reading your e-zines because this is really what health is. I must order your first book.

I do not know one other person that eats this way, so I am all alone. But, perhaps over time people will change as they see how healthy I look at 54. I decided when looking in the mirror that all my good looks were diminishing when I turned 50ish and I was unhappy about that. However, when I would eat raw, and stay away from sugar, my face would get better. You are raw living proof that no one needs to age. Love you and love all that you share.

Most Important Email Newsletter

Hi Kelli and Tonya, just wanted to say I absolutely love the new look and how pretty the website and newsletter look! I enjoyed the the old look also and found nothing wrong with it, but the new is so refreshing too. Thank you very much for all of it, and it is the most important email newsletter I get every month that I look so forward to and can’t wait to read each time. Thank you!! Take care.

Juice Cleanse and Colonics was Amazing

Tonya, your recent newsletter really hit home.  I had been raw for over a couple months and was not seeing much change. I started a juice cleanse about 11 days ago and implemented some colonics. I has been amazing-the difference. My skin is better on my body, the acne on my face is clearing up, my nails are growing faster and they are becoming a very beautiful pinkish-white color, and my eyes are clearer and brighter.  I am going to continue my cleanse for 30 days before resuming my raw food diet. I just thought you might like to know that your words are tried and true by me and I feel and look much healthier after only 11 days!

You Get What You Send Out

Dear Tonya (and research assistant Kelli), this is an email responding to your March 2012 newsletter. Mostly the “What you need to learn from people you disagree with” section. I think it’s interesting that you say that a “raw food lifestyle makes you deeply aware that you get what you send out”. I have been trying to eat as much raw foods as I can, and the more I do the more I’m aware of my own actions. I still feel the need to every once and a while indulge in the warmth of a cooked meal with meat especially when it’s cold and blustery out lol ;) . That being said I really appreciate hearing that words only carry a hurtful meaning if you yourself allow them to. I’ve been experiencing a lot of negativity lately from outside sources and instead of being hurt, I’ve turned them into learning tools. To hear someone else confirm my recent discoveries is uplifting. I don’t know if I will ever be able to completely shut out meat and cooked foods but cutting out nighttime meals and eating mostly raw is certainly do-able for me! Thank you for your kind spirit and informative ideas. I will continue to put out only what I want to receive in return!

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