Powerful Toothpaste!

…And about the toothpaste, it is so powerful, it feels like I have new teeth! So clean and healthy!

Customer for Life!

Love your day face cream, night cream, green clay masque and toothpaste! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! These are the best products I have ever used and I have spent many hundreds on other products that never work like yours! Again thank you!!! Customer for LIFE!

Best Oral Care Product

Good morning. Thank you so much for formulating the oral balm – it is wonderful.  I’ve tried many natural tooth / oral products and this is the best by far. Just wanted to say thanks.

Love the Products!

I would like to say how much I love the products, especially my most recent purchase of the Oral Balm. It’s really fantastic!

Absolutely Thrilled

Dear Tonya, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to help other people to discover “the beauty on raw”. I am absolutely thrilled to find you (by just clicking on one of your videos on YouTube), and inspired to continue to transition to the raw foods. I am also very excited to be able to get your products and books. I have received the oral care products today, I just love the oral balm! Thank you :)

Absolutely Divine

The Bentonite Oral Balm is absolutely divine. I was expecting an awful salty taste like most other dental balms labeled natural and was amazed at just how palatable and refreshing this really was.

Oral Balm is Terrific

Hello Tonya, my parcel arrived today. The Oral Balm is terrific. We tried it straight away and noticed a huge difference with the first application. My teeth no longer feel like the bottom of an old boot but smooth and shiny with a clean fresh and healthy taste in the mouth. Well done!

Clean Fresh Taste

Dear Tonya, the Oral Balm left the most delightfully clean fresh taste.  It feels wonderful. You are a genius, and I’m very grateful for all the dedicated and inspired work you put into its creation.  I will tell all my friends about it, or even better, I’ll give them a fresh breath Oral Balm kiss. Thanks a million! Love.