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Thank you Tonya for this wonderful article that highlights how woman can age graciously. I eagerly look forward your monthly newsletters, and when they linger I feel like something important is missing. Almost everything you write captures my interest as being informative, well-researched and practical. The first book I read that was written by you was Quantum Eating and although I had then little knowledge about raw foods it was the very first book in raw foods field that really kept my interest from the beginning to the end and gave me something really to think about. I have read or better say studied almost all your books and love them. Please keep writing and giving to the world something really important! Thank you!

Younger and Better

Hi Tonya! I was looking at videos of you from previous years, as far as 4- 5 years ago and you do look younger and better  as time goes by! you are so inspiring and a living proof!! The best example is the example, and you definitely are an example to follow. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us! I will get your book this week Quantum Eating. Best regards!!

Amazing Book

I also have Quantum Eating, which I am reading for the second time. That book is amazing –  one which I need to read many, many times to understand more fully all of the layers contained within its pages. Thank you for writing that book and putting it out into the world!!

Already looking younger

Tonya…let me say how extremely happy I am to have found you. I simply love your teaching on the subject of health and beauty. I am becoming a star pupil! I have been following your beauty rituals as far as face, Quantum Eating, breathing etc. I am a work in progress, although I already look much younger from following 100% raw vegan since July 2013. I went cold turkey from cooked non vegan and I haven’t looked back!

Really Enjoy Your Books

Hello Tonya! Let me say that I love you I’m raw vegan almost 5 years, but just now I’m reading your books Quantum Eating and Your Right to Be Beautiful and really enjoy it. Already 15 years ago, I used to be on a quantum eating as a vegetarian, but just for weight loss and without any knowledge in this subject, I just invented it myself. Now, thanks to you I eat this way again (and with proper nutrition) and love it!

Source of Inspiration

Tonya, thank you for your commitment to health and beauty.  I’m ready to try the cupping system.  I’m 61 years old and have been 95% raw vegan for two years.  My goal is to be 100% raw vegan without my occasional lapses into poor food choices.  You continue to inspire me — I’ve read Quantum Eating twice and have all your books and some beauty products.  You’re a source of inspiration and stability for me.  Social pressures are becoming less of a problem, but I have a goal to be the best I can be.  And that includes eating well, exercising regularly, and maintaining a positive attitude.  Thank you for all you do!!

Amazing Books

Dear Tonya and Nick, I have just finished reading Your Right to Be Beautiful. What an amazing book – Tonya you are an extraordinary woman. If anyone has the right to write a book with that title – you definitely do. I am half way through Quantum Eating and love it.  It is packed with excellent information and your spirit and journey is intertwined through the book.

Enjoying Quantum Eating

Dear Tonya, first of all I would like to say that I am very much enjoying your book Quantum Eating. I like the way you are writing and using a common sense, combining all your knowledge, making it easy to understand because it is actually very logical. I have converted my diet to mostly raw only a few months ago so I am currently trying to investigate as much as possible….

Best Book on Nutrition

Tonya, I have just finished reading Quantum Eating and have to say it is probably the best book on nutrition and fasting that I have read. It encapsulates nearly everything I have read and experienced over the last 25 years. My fasting journey started in 1991 after reading Daniel Reid’s The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity – which is when I did my first 10-day water fast. It was also the same time I started a personal growth journey and sampled many spiritual courses. Both journeys have continued and last year decided to embark on a post graduate degree in wellness – a complete break from being a machinery inventor and businessman. I am now 62 and getting younger. My thesis is going to be on water fasting for healing, but perhaps I will now expand it. “Quantum Eating” for healing deserves some official academic research. Best regards and congratulations on everything you have achieved and overcome.

Precious and Powerful Information

Greetings Tonya, I am currently working through Quantum Eating, and just now ordered Your Right to Be Beautiful. Absolutely precious and powerful information, and what a vast and thorough concentration. Thank you for your writing. So nourishing for an awakening soul.

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