Life is Getting Beautiful

For the last one month or so I have already stopped eating at night and that itself has saved me from so much trouble of eating cooked food and later feeling guilty. Life is getting more and more beautiful with so much time in the evening and stomach empty and hell of a lot of energy. Thank you, Thank you and again Thank you. By the way the facial exercises are great and I am pursuing them with great zeal. I myself feel my face becoming so much better. Thanks. With Best Regards.

Renewed by Quantum Eating!

I am reading (again!) Quantum Eating, and I am absolutely renewed in spirit because of it. Time had dulled some of my memories of the complete rightness and magic of the 2 o’clock curfew in my daily practice. Whenever I start eating later than 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I feel a subtle uneasiness and guilt, and I know it’s because my body knows the sublime healing powers of non-eating later in the day.

I will probably be emailing you again in the coming days as I pore over the new and expanded version of this great book and its treasures (I LOVE the meridian card!), but for now I wanted to let you know….your work is amazing and appreciated.

QE Worth Every Penny

I just purchased Quantum Eating earlier today and I want to say, it is worth every penny. I think it is one of the most intelligent  and thoughtful analyses of health I have read in many years. Like Tonya, I am not found of visiting doctors for check-ups and haven’t been to a physician in two decades. I have maintained a vegetarian/vegan diet for years but have suffered from emotional overeating and lack of energy and a rollercoaster of gaining weight (20-25 pounds) and dieting. I have now been 100% raw for 12 days and feel better than I have in a long time; no cravings and better sleep and energy. I am going to continue to put into practice more concepts of Quantum Eating and include CR and no food after 2 pm which I started today.
Thanks, Tonya, for an excellent book, one which I am sure will benefit my health and daily life.

Thanks for the Great Products

Thanks Tonya for making such great products…I am looking forward to trying your night cream and oral paste. I love your day cream and the facial brush…my skin feels great as a result…. I also loved your book Quantum eating – I am not yet completely raw – but working towards it everyday and already feel great.

Re-Reading Quantum Eating

Wanted to let you know I am re-reading Quantum Eating. I am now on day 7 of eating all raw and ending my eating for the day by 4. Some days have been easier than others, but when I find myself getting a bit discouraged I dive into the book again and read another chapter. I really am already feeling better and have more energy and my daughter told me today that I already look thinner! I do look forward to that feeling of euphoria over the empty feeling! I think the hardest part is feeling a bit left out in my family get togethers…..but so far, so good! Blessings and Love,

CR and Raw Vegan was the Answer

I want to thank you for the great inspiration provided in your books (especially your Right to Be Beautiful and Quantum eating). I have been trying to follow a low fat raw vegan diet during more than 2 years without success, but gathering momentum from your books I got myself through the 40 day raw vegan peak, following a caloric restricted raw diet of fresh and organic vegetables with 16 hours of fasting per day. Read the rest of this entry »

you are your own beauty


I am so disappointed! The book finished! I have just finished quantum eating and am hungry for more are you writing another one? :)

I also wanted to say how great it is that you are your own beauty and I love the picture of you on the back cover gypsy fashion

It inspires me but i know I will have to find my own way to interpret it being pale freckly and red haired. Thanks for another great read.


Quantum Eating

Tonya, I just purchased your book, “Quantum Eating.” I’ve devoured the book in two days! Thanks for sharing your truth. I believe in everything you’re saying. I myself have learned through trial and error much of what you are sharing.  You helped me understand the why behind it. –L.

I Have My Right to Be Beautiful

Dear Mrs. Zavasta, I am doing well since I embarked in the Rawsome lifestyle.  I just ordered the last two books (Quantum eating and Raw food and Hot Yoga). Your writing style is phenomenal and I enjoy and appreciate your talented, scientific mind. Love it.   Even though I live in the Northeast with frigid temperature I did not relinquish my raw vegan eating. Reading your posts in the blog help me implement measures to minimize the decrease in body temperature.

Thanks so much: I do have my right to be beautiful. Even my facial bones are changing for the better. At 45 prior to the rawsome lifestyle my facial skin and nose was sagging and my hair was turning gray. No need to enumerate all the positive changes that are occurring. I am just blessed and thank JEHOVAH GOD for your genius and your humility.

Long Time Calorie Restrictor

I’m a long-time Calorie Restrictor, athlete, raw vegan, and since recently reading Quantum Eating a second time, I’m all the way “in the boat” with you, including my eating curfew, and modification of my fitness goals. :)  I 300% joyously agree with and understand the great truths in every word, including the freedom from “things,” the plaque of television, the feeling of social pressures sometimes causing eating later than is right for me, and the misery that follows.

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