No Worry or Anxiety

Dear Mrs. Zavasta, I happened to take a quick glance at the TV the other day and could not stop chuckling. I thank Jehovah God for giving you the insight to readjust our thinking on matters of health. We do not have to worry and be anxious for laws to be promulgated or enacted in anticipation of being sick. Eating cooked foods will adversely affect health and of course you need to be preemptive and proactive and buy sick care insurance. Truly, I feel so good on my rawsome vegan lifestyle that I could not stop laughing. I am glad my thinking is sharp now and not distorted.

Health and Clarity on Raw

I, myself, feel amazingly healthier and clearer from being raw. My brain is not focused on my gut, but where it belongs. Winter is a bit difficult for me, but it has given me time to experiment and play with my dehydrator. Win some, lose some, but that’s how it was and is when I cook for my husband. I still enjoy being in the kitchen. Most of the time I like simplicity. When I do have something cooked with my husband, I totally regret it afterwards.

The only learning experiences I still need are what to replace bananas with (sugar alcohol content too high for me), and most nuts and seeds are too binding (I’ll make almond milk and make almond flour and will use pecans once in a blue moon).  I am determined to figure that out… I am 58 years old, and not ready to grow old.

Healed from Cancer

Tonya, you are an excellent example of good health, keep up the good work! I thank the Lord for the health message and teachers like you! I was healed of 2nd stage breast cancer in 1984, NO CHEMO, NO RADIATION, NO SURGERY (ALL CANCELLED) through the vegan lifestyle. Ten years later introduced to 80/20 raw, in mid 90?s 85/15 and I saw you in Florida lecture around 2007 or ‘08. Like you, I look many years younger than my age group and haven’t needed a medical doctor since 1984!!!

I will always continue to live the healthy diet and lifestyle, not just for the outer appearance, but the awesome blessings of my healthy internal body. I am a very active senior and happy that I am disease free, enjoying my later years like all of us should and are meant to do!… I know Jack LaLane’s niece here in Hawaii and she looks and does great for her senior age! I will suggest your newsletter to her! Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into the health message!  Aloha.