Still My Favorite

After reading over 100 books, Raw Food and Hot Yoga is still my favorite. I think Tonya is really awesome!

Breath of Fresh Air

I’m rereading your Raw Food and Hot Yoga book and love it. Your books have been a breath of fresh air so many times. Keep ’em coming!

Inspired By Raw Food and Hot Yoga

Hi Tonya, just wanted to send a quick letter to say thank you for your book Raw Food and Hot Yoga. I just began to read it and am inspired. I have been researching yoga and raw foods for many years as well, so it all is music to my ears.

Couldn’t Put Down the Book

Dear Tonya I just saw you for the first time this past July in Vancouver. I am so happy that you allow people to write you. And even more that you say you won’t dismiss any info given to you. I just finished your book Raw Food and Hot Yoga-I couldn’t put it down and I believe it has probably saved my life. Thank you for writing it. I have only tried [hot yoga] once years ago and have since dismissed it because one of my raw food teachers told me that it was too much stress on the body-the heat and poses at the same time. Now I can’t wait to try it again and I’m hoping it will be the catalyst to go 100% raw rather than just my current 90%.

QE and Hot Yoga So Inspirational!

Tonya, I just finished reading Raw Food & Hot Yoga today. This book and Quantum Eating I have found SO inspirational. In fact, I have never been so tremendously inspired over this way of eating since the time I first heard George Malkmus talk about it in August, 1996. You are a truly great motivator and inspiration.