Tremendous Changes in My Body and Health

I have several of your books, and shampoo, and hair tonic, is how I found about this website when I ordered the hair tonic from another forum last year in August. I have been using the hair tonic since last year in August faithfully 2 times a day and massaging with the roller bed and other methods of massage to the scalp. I have went on a fast and cleanse again since I did it four months ago, and have notice tremendous changes in my body and health and also going raw which I love.

I love preparing my meals most of them the night before work and finishing in the mornings. At my job while they are eating donuts, cakes, celebrating birthdays with all sorts of sugery foods. I’m eating on my celery, apple, pair or a raw meal I prepared. Yes I still celebrate with them, but I’m sipping on green juices that I juiced that morning, or a hot cup of tea. I have changed my whole attitude about food since changing over raw.

Inspirational Reading

Inspirational reading! I have transitioned over to raw vegan lifestyle now 2 weeks ago after trying it out over some time gradually – and I bought your books last summer and enjoy them. Thanks for being out there spreading your wisdom, experiences and light with me and others who chose to live a healthy and conscious life. Blessings.

My Skin is Nearly Clear

Tonya, I absolutely had to thank you. I ordered your products and they arrived less than one week ago. For the first time in 16 years my skin is nearly clear. I think after another week or so even the last remaining acne scars will be gone as well. I have been on the raw diet and juicing for about six months now. Still my skin was breaking out. I have been in a cycle of wearing make up to cover acne; therefore, breaking out even more.

For the first time in 16 years I don’t need foundation. Your products are amazing. Not to mention how rawsome my hair looks. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have given me the best gift “The right (and the ability) to be beautiful.”

Juice Cleanse and Colonics was Amazing

Tonya, your recent newsletter really hit home.  I had been raw for over a couple months and was not seeing much change. I started a juice cleanse about 11 days ago and implemented some colonics. I has been amazing-the difference. My skin is better on my body, the acne on my face is clearing up, my nails are growing faster and they are becoming a very beautiful pinkish-white color, and my eyes are clearer and brighter.  I am going to continue my cleanse for 30 days before resuming my raw food diet. I just thought you might like to know that your words are tried and true by me and I feel and look much healthier after only 11 days!

I Have My Right to Be Beautiful

Dear Mrs. Zavasta, I am doing well since I embarked in the Rawsome lifestyle.  I just ordered the last two books (Quantum eating and Raw food and Hot Yoga). Your writing style is phenomenal and I enjoy and appreciate your talented, scientific mind. Love it.   Even though I live in the Northeast with frigid temperature I did not relinquish my raw vegan eating. Reading your posts in the blog help me implement measures to minimize the decrease in body temperature.

Thanks so much: I do have my right to be beautiful. Even my facial bones are changing for the better. At 45 prior to the rawsome lifestyle my facial skin and nose was sagging and my hair was turning gray. No need to enumerate all the positive changes that are occurring. I am just blessed and thank JEHOVAH GOD for your genius and your humility.

Health and Clarity on Raw

I, myself, feel amazingly healthier and clearer from being raw. My brain is not focused on my gut, but where it belongs. Winter is a bit difficult for me, but it has given me time to experiment and play with my dehydrator. Win some, lose some, but that’s how it was and is when I cook for my husband. I still enjoy being in the kitchen. Most of the time I like simplicity. When I do have something cooked with my husband, I totally regret it afterwards.

The only learning experiences I still need are what to replace bananas with (sugar alcohol content too high for me), and most nuts and seeds are too binding (I’ll make almond milk and make almond flour and will use pecans once in a blue moon).  I am determined to figure that out… I am 58 years old, and not ready to grow old.