Great Results!

Hi Tonya, I’m 46 and started going raw about three weeks ago after reading “100 Days to 100% Raw“.  I wasn’t overweight but so far the weight has fallen off in the right places – mainly my stomach and thighs – and not in other places.  Not to mention all the other benefits including feeling amazing…What I find really interesting is how exercising and massaging your face is actually good, along with dry brushing. It must work because your skin is incredible.  I always was under the impression that touching or pulling one’s face was damaging but now I can see how beneficial it is.  When I massage my face with my knuckles I can feel the circulation increase. And it’s completely free!   You look amazing and the fact that you have researched so much and discovered these secrets and share them with everyone is an inspiration to me.  I am filled with a renewed enthusiasm for life!  Thank you.”

Facial Exercises Work!

Tonya, I ordered your ebook on face exercises when it first came out…About a year ago or more I decided I was going to do them more consistently and…I now do them about 5x a week.  I had printed out your ebook and … keep it near my bathroom. Every day I do the face exercises, I also read a page of the book. So I have now read the ebook through many times. I think doing this has kept me consistent and motivates me. I do see a difference in my facial muscles and they have been quite helpful in helping in the war against facial muscle atrophy and gravity. I am 66 years old and when I recently told my age to a lady, she looked surprised and said it must be my raw diet (I am not 100% raw).  And I thought to myself “and facial exercises.” Thank you so much for your inspiring books and website and emails.

Hard to Believe its Me

Hi Tonya, in January, I will be raw for almost a year now (ok, I am mostly raw and yes 100% raw on some days)…I do facial exercise (2 years)…and these new rollers have made a big difference in my skin (started 8/12).

For the first time in forever, I can look at myself in the mirror and like what I see. That was happening already but this has clinched it.  I think that I am getting these great results b/c of my raw lifestyle and the exercises that already made my face toned and properly contoured.

I still use your Bed of Pins on my hair (new hair!!!!!) and on my face 3x a week. I think the combo of both rollers is perfect for me….I am getting compliments for the first time and this quick turnaround has to be aided by being raw…It actually makes me want to stay raw!!!

I am VERY happy….everything is finally coming together…the weight has come back ( i was terribly thin from going raw and looked bad)….the exercises after 2 years has given my face the volume and contours it had….and I’m getting rid of some wrinkles in the corners of my mouth that made me look old and forlorn.  My skin is thickening and plumper (younger looking) and my large pores are small…its really hard to believe its me. I will always owe everything to you!

Essential Facial Workout Guide

Tonya`s book “Rawsome Flex” is the essential facial workout guide for me, as the most comprehensive collection of facial exercises ever created. I’ve been doing these facial exercises and found them to be incredibly helpful.

Following your Facial Exercises

Hi there, I just want to say I am so glad I found you! I purchased your book 2 months ago and have been following your facial exercises & massage as well as trying really hard to eat as advised. I am seeing great results, many times I am very limited for time and can only do the facial exercises once a day…Once again thank you so much for such a great book! Kind regards.

Facial Exercises Better than Expected

Tonya, …I have just completed your 21 day facial exercises and what a difference, better than I could have expected. I will for sure continue, as you said! I have been a high-raw vegan for 3½ years now and am planning to work as a raw food teacher and coach, and how you look is your best tool in showing people the “magic” that could be found in this lifestyle.

Facial Exercises Fantastic Book

I am doing your facial exercises – fantastic book. For years I had various books (FlexEffect, Eva Fraser’s program, you name it), but could never get myself to actually do it, until I had bought your book. I think just knowing your story and all the medical problems and surgeries and pain and suffering you had to endure (and it usually does impact the appearance, and not in a good way), and yet you managed to look gorgeous, happy and are trying to help others – that inspired me so much that for the 1st time in my life I have actually started doing something for myself – following your program. Thank you!