Radiant and Ravishing!

Wow Tonya you look radiant and ravishing! Love the way you style our hair and the tropical dress you’re wearing!

I try to adopt all beauty tips you shared, including masquing, dry brushing, facial exercise, moisturizing, wiping ice cube over my face, coconut water hair treatment …..

But what I’ve found to be most effective in healing/preventing skin issues is a raw food diet and daily intermittent dry fasting from the afternoon [Quantum Eating]. I don’t always stick to that, but when I do, I have no acne and my eczema heals. (FYI, since becoming 90% raw since nearly a year ago my acne has healed 98%. What’s left is the contact dermatitis I have on the back of my fingers, which seems to get worse if I touch raw food without gloves. But I have since tackled this by wearing gloves most of the time, washing my hands less, and applying moisturizer to my hands.)

I will be 32 in September and to have come into contact with your work is a tremendous blessing that I have no clue how I earned. You are a goddess who inspires me. I wish to look as beautiful as you do today.

Love Dry Brushing!

I am dry brushing my face, neck and decollate daily (and my body, too, less often). I absolutely love it – it feels good (and continues to feel better now that my skin has gotten used it), and it seems that I am already seeing results (smaller pores on cheeks and possibly even tightening – already!? – on my neck which last year really started to show extreme aging (a sudden onset – interesting and very off-putting). Clearly collagen and elastin dissolution, free radical damage and whatever else has all taken its toll. Anyway, I feel unusually confident that I can reverse and heal these various aging effects.

Serum is Amazing!

Your serum is amazing! I caught a cold shortly after receiving my order and was blowing my nose constantly. Normally a chapped red nose follows a cold, however, not this time! The only thing that changed was that I was using the serum twice daily and rubbing it around my nostrils. I can’t believe how healing it was for my sensitive skin. Terrific product – thanks!

Violet Ray Lived Up to Expectations!

I would like to say that the Tesla device itself has really lived up to it’s expectations. It has helped a lot with my sensitive skin, which breaks out very easily. I am not raw nor do I wish to be at this point, but I have a very clean diet and still I get blemishes with the slightest change in food-environment-daily grooming. The Violet Ray has helped tremendously with this and in a very short amount of time. I have also experienced a more even skin tone and have managed to considerably lighten an old sun spot on my hand already. I can only imagine what results one will get with long term use. Hopefully something close to Tonya’s incredible skin!

Facial Cream is Holy Grail

I can’t WAIT to get my facial lotion. It’s my Holy Grail. After a 120 pounds weight less in 1 and 1/2 years, my skin went, “Bonkers”, as I’m trying to do things to lessen the chin skin sagging, the face is one place you can’t roll up into a SPANX Burrito. BUT, there is hope, ha ha! This cream is just literal Nourishment for my face. I’m just about out of my last bottle, can’t wait to get it! Thank you SO much!

Noticing Improvements

I’ve been keeping a journal noting all the improvements  I’ m noticing and there are quite a few. By the way, nails are growing better and seem stronger and my skin is more moist. Also went for an eye exam and my vision has improved. I switched to a weaker prescription. Yes, I wear contacts because I can’t stand glasses on my face.  Dark circles have gotten much lighter. My face is much more lifted. I used to feel a wheezing sensation when I’d inhale deeply I have a hiatal hernia, anyway that is completely gone. It’s amazing.

Amazing Skin Care Products

Tonya and Penny! Funny but one of the gals at my office was talking about my skin and gave me compliments. I told her it was your cream, advice and inspiration! The word spread, she ordered and told several of her friends, another friend also complimented me and ordered your skin care and now approximately 8 additional friends have purchased your amazing products in April! Glad I can finally give back to you and spread your good news and talents! Thanks for all you do!

My Skin is Nearly Clear

Tonya, I absolutely had to thank you. I ordered your products and they arrived less than one week ago. For the first time in 16 years my skin is nearly clear. I think after another week or so even the last remaining acne scars will be gone as well. I have been on the raw diet and juicing for about six months now. Still my skin was breaking out. I have been in a cycle of wearing make up to cover acne; therefore, breaking out even more.

For the first time in 16 years I don’t need foundation. Your products are amazing. Not to mention how rawsome my hair looks. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have given me the best gift “The right (and the ability) to be beautiful.”

Facial Masque and Cream are Effective!

You did it again!  I applied my facial masque and brushed as soon as I received my package. Then I massaged my Your Right to Be Beautiful moisture cream also before bedtime. I am so in love with these Luxurious products. They are effective, phenomenal and luxurious. My face felt great instantly because I have been implementing a rawsome lifestyle since 3 months. The next day my face looked lifted and smooth and got so many compliments. Thanks so much for your insight and brilliance and I thank Jehovah God for you. Can’t wait to receive my Flex Facial exercise book that I ordered.

Juice Cleanse and Colonics was Amazing

Tonya, your recent newsletter really hit home.  I had been raw for over a couple months and was not seeing much change. I started a juice cleanse about 11 days ago and implemented some colonics. I has been amazing-the difference. My skin is better on my body, the acne on my face is clearing up, my nails are growing faster and they are becoming a very beautiful pinkish-white color, and my eyes are clearer and brighter.  I am going to continue my cleanse for 30 days before resuming my raw food diet. I just thought you might like to know that your words are tried and true by me and I feel and look much healthier after only 11 days!

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