Best Moisturizer!

I am loving your products.Your cream is the best moisturizer I have ever used. I would like to try the Violet Ray for my greys and to stimulate my skin. Thanks.

Love the Products, Want More

Dear Tonya, I love your products, love the rolling pins, your facial exercises and, am a devoted reader of your newsletter and blog. Your skin care is highest quality and has make a big difference in my appearance. However, I would also love to use make up made by you! Do you make your own face primer, concealer and foundation? Do you have products you can recommend? I am especially looking for a natural silicone free primer to reduce the appearance of pores and uneven texture. Thanks for beautifying the world!

Customer for Life!

Love your day face cream, night cream, green clay masque and toothpaste! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! These are the best products I have ever used and I have spent many hundreds on other products that never work like yours! Again thank you!!! Customer for LIFE!

71 Years Young

Thank you Tonya for making the most wonderful products and all of the information that you share with everyone. I am 71 years young and still trying. Also still trying to go 100% raw, I fall off more than on but stick to about 80%…also tried Bikram…loved it oldest there…It is a long way to go so gave up…May go again. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

Beautiful Inside and Out

Dearest Tonya, thank you so much for the fast shipping…I LOVE ALL your beauty products and I am always looking forward to using them. I enjoy brushing my face and body, I love my hair now because of your wonderful shampoo, conditioner and tonic, much more in love with your face cream and masque…
I hope you would consider developing a face powder and a lipstick too (I know you don’t need them but I am hoping). More blessings and success for you Tonya! Our one and only Tonya. Thank you for helping us look and feel beautiful inside and out.

Admire Your Example

Dear Tonya, the quote you use speaks well to my heart: it is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. Yes, it’s my conviction as well.

I am very grateful to have known you (through your emails, website, and books) and to have had opportunities to use several of your products during these past 4-5 years.  I truly admire your example of conviction and integrity in the way you exercise your God-given gifts and  live out your life in this business. THANKSSSS!!! and THANK YOU for all the wonderful recipes as well.  I am looking forward to try out your new night cream too.

Luxurious and Effective Products!

Thank you so much for the wonderful products! I love them all! I never used before something so luxurious and very effective! I see wonders every time I use them! For sure I will continue to patronage your SO WOW beauty products! The brushing alone feels like the after effect of having a diamond peel at the salon without the hefty price and hurtful pricking! I never thought something so simple could deliver better result in my ever sensitive and problematic face (pimples, millia, large pores and oily skin). Your cream is truly remarkable! Thank you so much for sharing to us your beauty secrets!

Best Facial Cream

I’m really excited to use your mask, Tonya! I already use your facial cream and think it’s the BEST one I’ve ever used. Many times I’ve recommended your products to people. Can’t say enough good things about your facial cream! :-)

I LOVED Reading Your Right to Be Beautiful

Hi Tonya,

I enjoy your products (your books, bed of pins, cream etc.).  I am even almost 100% raw.  I won’t say 100% because there are days that I  pop something cooked in my mouth that my family has.  I started in December of 2011.

But I am writing because I enjoy your newsletter.  Actually I LOVED reading Your Right to Be Beautiful…I can’t say enough about your writing style and how you say everything so perfectly about beauty and our feelings and quests for it.  You made me understand my drive and not be ashamed of it.
Its hard to believe English is not your first language.  I have never enjoyed a book as much as yours.  I think I am seeing results even starting at age 51!

Tremendous Changes in My Body and Health

I have several of your books, and shampoo, and hair tonic, is how I found about this website when I ordered the hair tonic from another forum last year in August. I have been using the hair tonic since last year in August faithfully 2 times a day and massaging with the roller bed and other methods of massage to the scalp. I have went on a fast and cleanse again since I did it four months ago, and have notice tremendous changes in my body and health and also going raw which I love.

I love preparing my meals most of them the night before work and finishing in the mornings. At my job while they are eating donuts, cakes, celebrating birthdays with all sorts of sugery foods. I’m eating on my celery, apple, pair or a raw meal I prepared. Yes I still celebrate with them, but I’m sipping on green juices that I juiced that morning, or a hot cup of tea. I have changed my whole attitude about food since changing over raw.

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