Really Enjoy Your Books

Hello Tonya! Let me say that I love you I’m raw vegan almost 5 years, but just now I’m reading your books Quantum Eating and Your Right to Be Beautiful and really enjoy it. Already 15 years ago, I used to be on a quantum eating as a vegetarian, but just for weight loss and without any knowledge in this subject, I just invented it myself. Now, thanks to you I eat this way again (and with proper nutrition) and love it!

Love Your Book

Hi Tonya, I hope you are having a shiny day! …I love your book “Your Right To Be Beautiful“, youtube videos and how you create a creative and mystic fusion between healthy foods and beautiful looks, your beautiful raw vegan recipes and your interesting newsletters in my inbox! It is my intention to continue on reading other of your books full of knowledge and experience! Thank you so much for sharing your life with me and many others around the world!

Amazing Books

Dear Tonya and Nick, I have just finished reading Your Right to Be Beautiful. What an amazing book – Tonya you are an extraordinary woman. If anyone has the right to write a book with that title – you definitely do. I am half way through Quantum Eating and love it.  It is packed with excellent information and your spirit and journey is intertwined through the book.

Precious and Powerful Information

Greetings Tonya, I am currently working through Quantum Eating, and just now ordered Your Right to Be Beautiful. Absolutely precious and powerful information, and what a vast and thorough concentration. Thank you for your writing. So nourishing for an awakening soul.

So Enjoy Your Books

Dear Tonya, I have been a fan of yours for a long time. I have had your first two books since the beginning and now have all your books. I so enjoy your books. You are a witty, intelligent writer with quite your own voice. I hope one day to attend a workshop or have you come to Santa Cruz.

Website New Look

Hello Tonya,  first, your website’s new look is fantastic and your Facebook page is a source of daily encouragement! You find such interesting, compelling, and amazing topics.  I admire your practical outlook and your ability to show us how to use your information. My health and appearance have improved steadily since reading your first book several years ago and since then I’ve read all of your books (except for one left to read) with the most profound sense of discovery. You’ve opened up my world to beautiful concepts in the most elemental basic areas of life and my appreciation for creation and its Maker is renewed because you take the time to give so much.

Thank You and God Bless You.

CR and Raw Vegan was the Answer

I want to thank you for the great inspiration provided in your books (especially your Right to Be Beautiful and Quantum eating). I have been trying to follow a low fat raw vegan diet during more than 2 years without success, but gathering momentum from your books I got myself through the 40 day raw vegan peak, following a caloric restricted raw diet of fresh and organic vegetables with 16 hours of fasting per day. Read the rest of this entry »

I LOVED Reading Your Right to Be Beautiful

Hi Tonya,

I enjoy your products (your books, bed of pins, cream etc.).  I am even almost 100% raw.  I won’t say 100% because there are days that I  pop something cooked in my mouth that my family has.  I started in December of 2011.

But I am writing because I enjoy your newsletter.  Actually I LOVED reading Your Right to Be Beautiful…I can’t say enough about your writing style and how you say everything so perfectly about beauty and our feelings and quests for it.  You made me understand my drive and not be ashamed of it.
Its hard to believe English is not your first language.  I have never enjoyed a book as much as yours.  I think I am seeing results even starting at age 51!

Happy About the Russian Version

Hello! I have ordered your book Miracle of Raw Foods in Russian! Thank you. I have seen 1.5 year ago your roller the first time and prayed you could possibly translate [the books] into Russian! I am very glad that it has occurred! By mail for 7 days I have received the book from publishing house “Peter”! I very much love you, thankful that you are inspiring us on beauty and health!

Yours faithfully.

Two Years 100% Raw

Hello Tonya… thank you for all your information… it truly makes the journey more enjoyable! 2 years ago I purchased your book Your Right to Be Beautiful at a local Health Food store. I had just started the master cleanse and wanted some support. After the 10 day cleanse I immediately took up my 100% raw food diet and never wavered for these 2 years. Your book makes the “ignorance is bliss” statement very evident!  Once I knew all your information you presented I couldn’t go back to cooked foods.

This past mid-December I ordered your beauty package special and received 1 of each of your hair, teeth & skin products along with your facial exercises… which I immediately started and continue to this day… love them!  I also love, love, love your facial mask and cream!!! I also ordered your 3 other paperbacks in that same order. I devoured them as well. I have started implementing your dry fasting as well as Hot Yoga… Thank you!  I also turned 2 other friends onto your books and they started eating raw foods because of it.

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