Wonderful Newsletters

Thank you Tonya for this wonderful article that highlights how woman can age graciously. I eagerly look forward your monthly newsletters, and when they linger I feel like something important is missing. Almost everything you write captures my interest as being informative, well-researched and practical. The first book I read that was written by you was Quantum Eating and although I had then little knowledge about raw foods it was the very first book in raw foods field that really kept my interest from the beginning to the end and gave me something really to think about. I have read or better say studied almost all your books and love them. Please keep writing and giving to the world something really important! Thank you!

Inspired By All That You Do

Hi Tonya, thank you so much, I am thoroughly enjoying all your information and I am so inspired by all that you do. You look amazing. I have tried Botox and fillers and feel that the fillers just make my face look worse. I am now trying your facial exercises and think they are great, I have tried facial excercise before and not managed them very well, however your seem so much easier and very well explained. Thanks again

Younger and Better

Hi Tonya! I was looking at videos of you from previous years, as far as 4- 5 years ago and you do look younger and better  as time goes by! you are so inspiring and a living proof!! The best example is the example, and you definitely are an example to follow. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us! I will get your book this week Quantum Eating. Best regards!!

Change After One Week!

I can’t believe how much my face has changed in just one week doing the facial exercises! I just happened upon you on Youtube and could not believe when I saw you that you are in your 50’s – It’s remarkable, really. I just bought your “Beauty Bundle” and have been reading everything of yours…

Most Amazing Cream

Do you know that you are an Amazing & Inspirational woman to us all?! Just want to give you a big hug. I don’t know how to thank you for your knowledge. I recently ordered some of your products and am coming back for more. I love everything I purchased!! I was skeptical about your facial creams (I’ve bought too many “natural” ones before that are taking up room in my cabinet)… I gotta say… I’m hooked!! The most AMAZING cream I’ve ever tried. And I’ve tried all the expensive creams (creme de la mer, Sisley, Kiehl’s) on the market out of desperation to improve the texture & wrinkles. Feel so blessed that I accidentally stumbled upon your videos on YouTube. Your an Angel. Thank you!!

PDF of Ageless Face

I just had to Thank you for providing your book–Guide to an Ageless Face in a PDF format. Now I can print and take it with me everywhere especially to bed with me as the last thing I do before going to sleep. It soothes me as it is so positive and filled with hope. Thank you, Thank you.

Never Felt Fitter

I just want to share my experience and relate how Tonya’s philosophy has influenced me. I became interested in eating raw about 2 years ago after watching some videos made by Tonya. I was fascinated by how beautiful she is and what a relaxing and soothing way she has about her. I am 54, and while I have always been a fairly healthy eater, did not really exercise. In 2009 I was diagnosed with BC but did not need any chemo etc, just the surgery.

After learning about Tonya’s thoughts about eating raw, I upped my game, and while I dont follow her example to the letter, for the last two years I have eaten mainly salads, raw veg, nuts and fruit. The only cooked food I eat is some fish. I also exercise for at least 30 mins every day.

I had a medical last year and the nurse did a double take when she looked at my test results, and ended up asking me dietary advice!! I had had asthma for 15 years too which has now completely gone!!!

I have never felt fitter, and when I look back, I know that I would not be in this position had I not stumbled upon Tonya and her advice.

Wonderful Book!

I loved [Guide to An Ageless Face]. It was so informative and as usual i have learnt a lot from you. I will be putting your steps into practice one step at a time and I hope that one day I too can have such beautiful and glowing skin as you do. You are such an inspiration and I think you are truly beautiful inside and out. Thanks again.

Still My Favorite

After reading over 100 books, Raw Food and Hot Yoga is still my favorite. I think Tonya is really awesome!

What an Inspiration

Dear Tonya, just a quick note of acknowledgement- what an inspiration you are! I must write ‘inspiration’ with capital letters… to stand your ground, go against the stream and be successful at the end, wow, really! I do not know, how you do it all, but I must admit, that you are not only beautiful, but incredibly strong woman!

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