Excellent Book

Thank you SO MUCH for writing such an excellent, thoughtful and helpful book. [The Raw Food Diet and Your Compromised Teeth].  You helped me look at my situation as a big picture and not from any extreme viewpoint that could have devastating consequences as well.

Life is Getting Beautiful

For the last one month or so I have already stopped eating at night and that itself has saved me from so much trouble of eating cooked food and later feeling guilty. Life is getting more and more beautiful with so much time in the evening and stomach empty and hell of a lot of energy. Thank you, Thank you and again Thank you. By the way the facial exercises are great and I am pursuing them with great zeal. I myself feel my face becoming so much better. Thanks. With Best Regards.

Glowing Skin!

Thank you for your very prompt handling of my order. It was a pleasure to do business with you and I look forward to trying more of your products. I originally purchased the facial cream from a Raw store and LOVE it. After using for only a few weeks, people began commenting on my skin and telling me that I glowed. Thanks again. Regards.

Love the Night Cream!


Renewed by Quantum Eating!

I am reading (again!) Quantum Eating, and I am absolutely renewed in spirit because of it. Time had dulled some of my memories of the complete rightness and magic of the 2 o’clock curfew in my daily practice. Whenever I start eating later than 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I feel a subtle uneasiness and guilt, and I know it’s because my body knows the sublime healing powers of non-eating later in the day.

I will probably be emailing you again in the coming days as I pore over the new and expanded version of this great book and its treasures (I LOVE the meridian card!), but for now I wanted to let you know….your work is amazing and appreciated.

QE Worth Every Penny

I just purchased Quantum Eating earlier today and I want to say, it is worth every penny. I think it is one of the most intelligent  and thoughtful analyses of health I have read in many years. Like Tonya, I am not found of visiting doctors for check-ups and haven’t been to a physician in two decades. I have maintained a vegetarian/vegan diet for years but have suffered from emotional overeating and lack of energy and a rollercoaster of gaining weight (20-25 pounds) and dieting. I have now been 100% raw for 12 days and feel better than I have in a long time; no cravings and better sleep and energy. I am going to continue to put into practice more concepts of Quantum Eating and include CR and no food after 2 pm which I started today.
Thanks, Tonya, for an excellent book, one which I am sure will benefit my health and daily life.

My skin looks smooth & fresh

Our order finally arrived today (deliveries [to Australia] have been so slow lately)
and we tried the night cream. We have started a 3 day juice fast today and …my skin was feeling dry. I opened the cream and the scent is so divine and ever so light. I have never applied such a satin like cream to my face ever. I steamed with a cloth and the cream went straight in and would you believe it worked almost instantly. My skin looks smooth & fresh and when I touch my face it feels so soft and hydrated.
I think you should call it Tonya’s satin cream because it is soo soft and beautiful.

Fascinating and Unorthodox Ideas

I just had to tell you this – you seem to be on my mind all the time these days, as I have been thinking about the fascinating new and unorthodox ideas I have read about on your website. I even searched out your radio interview on the web – that was very interesting as well. I couldn’t believe when I shopped today at my local health food store and saw that your smiling face was on the cover of a magazine in a rack near the entrance (here in Toronto)!!

Can’t Live Without the Night Cream

I cannot live without the Night Cream! First of all I use it days and nights.

Quick and Efficient Service

Just  a quick note to let you know how happy I am to have received such a quick and efficient service from Beaut[iful] on Raw. Having worked in the service industry for over 22 yrs (no longer) I sincerely appreciate professionalism and good communication: from the message below to the very quick dispatch of my products once paid. I’ve received them today, not even a week since I’ve ordered them and I’m really thrilled.
Thank you for your prompt and professional service all the way to Australia. I look forward to reading the books and diving into the creams! Kind Regards.

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