Inspiring and Informing

Thank you for your special offers and the July 4, special. I have all your books and almost all of your devices. Thank you for inspiring and informing. I control my arthritis with the raw food diet and people constantly ask me what my secret for looking so young is. I tell them about you and your books.

Continual Integrity and Generosity

THANK YOU SOOOO VERY MUCH for your continual integrity and generosity in sharing nothing but the best from your heart to help us caring for our precious God-given temple. Thank you for your wonderful article last month on “Have a Better Bowel Movement Today” with pictures of our rectum—such a mundane yet SO important a subject!  I find that “The Thinker” position is so practical for me when I am constantly moving from place to place, living various places in the world , and not having a place called my own that I can set up something in my own bathroom.  THANKS!

Best Book on Nutrition

Tonya, I have just finished reading Quantum Eating and have to say it is probably the best book on nutrition and fasting that I have read. It encapsulates nearly everything I have read and experienced over the last 25 years. My fasting journey started in 1991 after reading Daniel Reid’s The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity – which is when I did my first 10-day water fast. It was also the same time I started a personal growth journey and sampled many spiritual courses. Both journeys have continued and last year decided to embark on a post graduate degree in wellness – a complete break from being a machinery inventor and businessman. I am now 62 and getting younger. My thesis is going to be on water fasting for healing, but perhaps I will now expand it. “Quantum Eating” for healing deserves some official academic research. Best regards and congratulations on everything you have achieved and overcome.

Noticing Improvements

I’ve been keeping a journal noting all the improvements  I’ m noticing and there are quite a few. By the way, nails are growing better and seem stronger and my skin is more moist. Also went for an eye exam and my vision has improved. I switched to a weaker prescription. Yes, I wear contacts because I can’t stand glasses on my face.  Dark circles have gotten much lighter. My face is much more lifted. I used to feel a wheezing sensation when I’d inhale deeply I have a hiatal hernia, anyway that is completely gone. It’s amazing.

You Are Amazing


Hair Tonic Works!

Jan 8, 2013 I shaved my head, two weeks later I ordered a 2 month supply of hair tonic and applied it twice a day.  My family and friends were amazed at my hair growth.  Nearly everyone that has watched the process, has commented on how thick and beautiful my hair is.  I had very thinning hair before, wispy and sickly looking but now it’s silky, dark and thick.  I’ve never received so many comments about how great my hair is!

Life Changing Moment

Dear Tonya, your message has reached me via internet, and then reading all your books, newsletters etc. Congratulations on the jubilee!!! Best wishes to all who take part in Beautiful On Raw: many prosperous years to come in your way!Blessings and keep up the good work!
As many people, I can testify: you have given me a life changing moment! I am now more confident and happy person – just because you, Tonya, were brave enough to claim your right to be beautiful! My support and heart is with you. Always!

One of the Biggest Inspirations

Congratulations on Beautiful on Raw’s 10 year anniversary!!  Beautiful on Raw has helped me in many ways…  I first read Tonya’s books back in 2008, I had wanted to go raw, but I was struggling and I was not stable in my personal life. Now I am doing what I love…accomplishing more goals, and one of those goals is to go raw, I am also in Toastmasters, I want to tell people how a raw/whole foods lifestyle has helped me in both my personal life as well as my professional life.  Again, Tonya’s books have been one of the biggest inspirations and inspired me to pursue my goals and never give up or compromise:)  thank you soo much!!  And congratulations for ten years of real beauty!!!!

Precious and Powerful Information

Greetings Tonya, I am currently working through Quantum Eating, and just now ordered Your Right to Be Beautiful. Absolutely precious and powerful information, and what a vast and thorough concentration. Thank you for your writing. So nourishing for an awakening soul.

Amazing Skin Care Products

Tonya and Penny! Funny but one of the gals at my office was talking about my skin and gave me compliments. I told her it was your cream, advice and inspiration! The word spread, she ordered and told several of her friends, another friend also complimented me and ordered your skin care and now approximately 8 additional friends have purchased your amazing products in April! Glad I can finally give back to you and spread your good news and talents! Thanks for all you do!

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