One of the Biggest Inspirations

Congratulations on Beautiful on Raw’s 10 year anniversary!!  Beautiful on Raw has helped me in many ways…  I first read Tonya’s books back in 2008, I had wanted to go raw, but I was struggling and I was not stable in my personal life. Now I am doing what I love…accomplishing more goals, and one of those goals is to go raw, I am also in Toastmasters, I want to tell people how a raw/whole foods lifestyle has helped me in both my personal life as well as my professional life.  Again, Tonya’s books have been one of the biggest inspirations and inspired me to pursue my goals and never give up or compromise:)  thank you soo much!!  And congratulations for ten years of real beauty!!!!

Precious and Powerful Information

Greetings Tonya, I am currently working through Quantum Eating, and just now ordered Your Right to Be Beautiful. Absolutely precious and powerful information, and what a vast and thorough concentration. Thank you for your writing. So nourishing for an awakening soul.

Amazing Skin Care Products

Tonya and Penny! Funny but one of the gals at my office was talking about my skin and gave me compliments. I told her it was your cream, advice and inspiration! The word spread, she ordered and told several of her friends, another friend also complimented me and ordered your skin care and now approximately 8 additional friends have purchased your amazing products in April! Glad I can finally give back to you and spread your good news and talents! Thanks for all you do!

Enjoying the Books and Products

Tonya – thank you again for the two packages over last few weeks, your great books and products, am making my way through them and enjoying them. Great effort from you writing the books in the first place. And good on you for being true to yourself and beliefs. I am on high raw diet, main improvement so far is my hair and scalp condition.

Conditioner a Real Winner!

Dearest Tonya, this is the first time in my life I have ever been moved to write a thank you or testimonial about a product in my entire 59 years of life -  that says a lot right there…I am so thoroughly impressed by your conditioner. I LOVE the scent and the fact that the ingredients are so wholesome. Tanya you have a real winner! I order 2 bottles at a time as I don’t ever want to run the risk of running out and having to wait for the mail. It’s just the best thing I have ever used on my hair so far! Please don’t change a thing! Oh, I also love the beautiful blue bottle with your lovely picture on it…I finally found your product and am thrilled with it…It’s rich, without being oily or heavy. With huge gratitude for making my hair happy.

Fan of Your Facial Cleanser

THANK YOU Tonya, for these awesome products. I am a fan of your facial cleanser! This new addition is a great success. Blessings and gratitude from France.

Love All Your Videos

Dear Tonya, you are my hero. I started my vegetarian journey in april fool day 1/4/2013 and on my way to raw vegan I would like to be like you. I love all your videos…I have to lose 50 pound and hopefully it will shred off by the end of 2013. Thanks that i met you accidentally while browsing the net. Ciao for now.

Luxurious Hair Products!

Tonya, oh my goodness I cannot believe how luxurious your shampoo and conditioner are !!!!! Woooow wow I clarified my hair with Prell shampoo first then I used your conditioner, my hair is the softest and fullest it has ever been!! I’ve been using your shampoo (the smallest dose works wonder for my thick hair…) followed by your conditioner I am more than impressed with the texture of your products!! I’m so glad you use Amla in the conditioner, you always find the greatest ingredients, Thank you !! Bravo I am a very satisfied client :-)

Amazing Results!

Firstly, I would like to thank you for the excellent service and I must say after having tried using the dry brushing and your cream  just under a week I’ve seen some amazing results in my skin, and to be honest, i wasn’t expecting much. I can’t tell you how happy I am and thanks for the amazing product and please don’t ever stop selling.

Great Information

Tonya I appreciate you so much all of the research, work and effort you make for our benefit. I have learnt so much from you. I am new to this journey and have been led here by some health issues – making great progress!! I read your website almost daily for information and inspiration that you so generously give. Also I have purchased 2 of your books and will buy more as my journey progresses. May God bless you abundantly.

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