Testimonial of the Month-Yogini's Encounter with 100% Raw

November 17th, 2010

Testimonial of the Month-Yogini's Encounter with 100% Raw

Dear Tonya,

First of all, I am here, writing to you, because your newsletter spoke to me today…I have to thank you for finally giving me a reason to go 100% raw. I saw you in June a year ago, in Silver Spring, Maryland, and at the time I had been 80% raw for thirteen years. For the past two years I had been searching for a reason to go 100% raw.

…But that day, thanks to you, I decided to not eat cooked food again, and I didn't, and it was wonderful, but that only lasted seven months. I ate cooked when I got sick after fasting for many days. My childhood conditioning and my yoga conditioning told me to eat certain cooked foods when ill. They'd always made me feel better before.

So this happened once again a few days ago. After a yogic purification practice (I am an advanced yogini), you are advised to eat cooked foods because you are told the digestive system can't handle raw after purification etc. Being Raw, I didn't believe it for the most part (90%), but it is hard to argue with thousands of years of yogic wisdom, so I followed orders and became confused. I became very ill, and now I am sure that I was right to NOT eat cooked food after the purification, that it was the cooked food that got me sick (like very heavy detox), because my body is not used to it anymore. I love being sure through trial and error! I love being sure!

So anyway, just after this new certainty about Raw Food, there was your blog about how few 100% Raw Foodists there really are, backing me up in my new found Raw certainty, days after I was wondering how many 100% Raw Foodists there were, realizing that though I wasn't quite there yet, I was among this very small group... almost there, thanks to you.

In peace, love, and light, -G.