Raw Food and Hot Yoga

From Severe Disability to Superior Health

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This is NOT just another book on yoga poses, but a book that will do something no other yoga book has done. My aim... to inspire you as no one has before.

If you've tried yoga and failed... if you've only thought about doing yoga, this book will get you off your laurels and doing it. Think you're unfit? Inflexible? Just “can't” do it? We'll make it together.

My rock-bound belief: The raw food lifestyle can solve most health problems for all people. The same goes for hot yoga (aka Bikram yoga). It can resolve most health issues for all people. But both practices combined can eliminate all health problems for most people. An additional bonus: raw food and hot yoga combined provide the most stunning and swiftly reaped anti-aging benefits.

And who am I? I'm Tonya Zavasta, and I'm 15 percent titanium. Wrecked hips, a ruined childhood, years of pain and embarrassment - along with a decade of discovery - have brought me here. From SEVERE disability to SUPERIOR health - that's my story. YOU can do it, too! And I can show you how to get there!

If you liked my book Quantum Eating, you'll like this one. I held within my research and my experience a great deal of information that simply did not fit into Quantum Eating. No way did I want the book to be fatter than it was already. So... this new book includes information that was left out of Quantum Eating for the sake of space - discoveries I made after the Quantum Eating book was published, and some discussions to clarify and expand issues that were in the previous book. This new work is definitely a companion to Quantum Eating.

So if you haven't heard from me with an answer to your question, most likely you will find it in this book. In this new book you'll find fascinating, rare material about dry fasting. I also share what I've learned visiting anti-aging conferences. I discuss calorie restriction in light of the latest scientific discoveries. Is there hope in anti-aging medicine? There's a chapter about losing weight and - for that other, smaller crowd who needs it no less - gaining weight. Is the raw food diet for everyone? What is normal weight loss on raw foods? Are some of us exceptions and simply cannot achieve optimum health eating in that way? Why do some people fail on the raw foods lifestyle? How can you keep from failing? What about a theory for eating according to your metabolic type?

These are among the questions you'll find answered. Moreover, I present new insights about drinking bottled water and taking supplements. I discuss how raw foods and hot yoga can re-build your body and eliminate limitations, disabilities or other restrictions you suffer. And, of course, I talk about the benefits of hot yoga - including a few even Bikram himself doesn't talk about! In each chapter, I tell stories about my continuous struggle with Bikram yoga poses as well as my journey from severe disability to superior health. My goal: to offer inspiration no other yoga book has ever offered.

As you know, I never give information without inspiration. While my research is important to me, I am at least as big on motivation. I want to cover some challenges to the raw food lifestyle and methods but at the same time reflect the reality that benefits by far outweigh the challenges. I don’t want to repeat matters I have already explored elsewhere, but I want to answer the questions that you still have after reading my published books. So I faced the dilemma of how to address all your questions and at the same time not discourage a single soul. I found a solution: I will have one chapter filled with inspirational stories of raw foods from my readers as well as a chapter dealing with various hard questions that are presented to raw foodists and yoga enthusiasts.

Tonya Zavasta is a raw foods expert, lecturer, and the author of seven books on the 100 percent raw foods lifestyle. With her math/science background, Tonya's creative thinking reaches from quantum physics to cellular biology to the salad bowl. Her tireless research has led her to understand and harness raw foods' beautifying powers.

Her books, Your Right to Be Beautiful and Beautiful on Raw, show you how to radically improve your life, health and appearance through the raw foods lifestyle. This book is the companion to Quantum Eating: The Ultimate Elixir of Youth where she presents her exploration of the most advanced anti-aging practices. Tonya, now in her early 50s, is walking testimony of the power of raw foods to reveal the natural beauty within us all. Radiating health in every sense of the word, she teaches “raw eating” the world over.

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