Facial Exercises Versus Botox® Injections

June 17th, 2008 by Tonya Zavasta

The popular argument against facial exercises uses Botox as an example. Who would have thought it? Injected directly into the muscles of the forehead and facial lines, Botox smoothes the face precisely because it prevents the muscles from moving—by paralyzing them! Botox targets facial wrinkles caused by facial expressions, by the contraction of small, voluntary muscles used in laughing, smiling, frowning, or lifting the eyebrows. When these small muscles are relaxed, the wrinkles they cause around the forehead and the eyes diminish.

Injections of Botox into facial muscles weaken or paralyze the muscles by blocking nerve impulses. When muscles are paralyzed, they relax and the attached skin is stretched with them. After Botox, the treated muscles no longer contract, while the overlying skin looks smoother and unwrinkled. What the purveyors of Botox don’t tell you is that paralyzed muscles become smaller and weaker over time. If they do not contract, they atrophy.

Forget for a second that Botox injections are toxic, will hurt your health, and will create all the signs of a sick body, and concentrate only on the wrinkle-removing effect. Even then, muscle weakening cannot possibly be a good thing, as it will elongate the muscle and make it more prone to the pull of gravity.

There is also a health hazard to consider. Botox ads claim that the procedure is safe. But if so, then why does your body manifest all sorts of detox symptoms trying to get rid of this poison? Read more about cosmetic procedures in my book Your Right to Be Beautiful.

Newly published research shows that Botox also moves beyond its injection site and can weaken nearby muscles. The study, conducted at The University of Calgary, adds to mounting evidence of the unintended consequences of injecting this weakened version of “botulinum toxin.” The research showed that the toxin could also affect the working of the neighboring muscles. This is not the way to beauty. But for those interested in one of the more bizarre addictions of our time, it is the way to more Botox.

Not for me. I choose raw foods and facial exercises. Face exercise experts like Santa Maria Runge, Deborah Crowley, Carole Maggio, and Carolyn Cleaves have developed very good exercise programs. Santa Maria Runge developed her program in her late twenties, Deborah Crowley and Carole Maggio in their thirties. Carolyn Cleaves improved her face appearance in her late fifties without the benefit of a raw food regimen. On the raw foods lifestyle, I never even needed such a program until I was 50. I thought: “If these other women could take ten years off their faces without raw foods, how much more could be achieved by combining a raw foods regimen and facial exercises?” The results, I knew, may prove amazing.

For the first time in the history of natural facelift programs, here is a full system, a system thoroughly integrated with the principles and practicalities of the raw foods lifestyle. Here’s an ideal program for a natural facelift, entirely complementary to the raw foods lifestyle.

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