My Favorite Raw Food Success Story (June 2008)

June 17th, 2008 by Tonya Zavasta

My Raw Food Journey: I Met Dr. Ann Wigmore 24 Years Ago
In the early part of 1984 I read the book written by Viktoras Kulvinskas called “ Survival into the 21st Century”. This was my very first contact with raw foods. But strange, the person that converted me to raw foods was not Viktoras but Dr. Ann Wigmore. Soon after reading the book, I learned that her institute was called Hippocrates Health Institute, and it was situated in Boston.

From 5 year Death Sentence to Vibrant Health Through Raw Foods
As an American, we tend to think that being overweight but not under a doctor’s care at 50 years old is being healthy. Being a vegan/vegetarian for over 20 years, I believed that I was immune to every disorder that plagued the American public. My diet, however, consisted of mostly simple carbs and very little fresh fruit and vegetables. I ate a lot of boxed soy proteins, bread,pasta, rice and cereal, soy cheese and stirfry. Chinese food was a big favorite for me and I had total disregard for the fat used to fry my favorite dishes.

Raw Foods: The Evolution without the Egg
We all must start somewhere. There is never a finality to it, it’s the process that matters. I, myself have evolved for the past 18 plus years (I am still a human and haven’t become another species, as far as I can tell!) and have loved every minute of it. I’ve always enjoyed being in the kitchen when my Mom would be preparing food, and it was a natural progression for me to develop a passionate interest in the study of natural foods.

Nature’s Living Art :The Beauty of Raw Foods
I am an artist. I create art so that people would look at it and their souls would fill with admiration. Because when a soul is filled with admiration, it is not filled with anger or boredom. It is my belief that our world would become much better if the souls of all people became filled with admiration.

I am Living Proof of the Healing and Anti-Aging Effects of the Raw Food Diet
I was a diet nightmare! I had done EVERY diet out there… Scarsdale, Atkins, carbohydrate addicts, low fat, no fat, steroids, high protein… if it existed, I did it!! And I had “lost” several thousand pounds in the 20+ years I was obese. Somehow, I always “found” it again… plus a little extra! My biggest problem areas were refined sugar, fried and/or fast foods. All of these convert into sugars once ingested. For some 40 years, I ate a diet consisting primarily of sugar! Candy was my favorite meal! I definitely considered myself a sugar addict. And I still am! Thank GOD for raw sweets!

Rebel Gone Raw: I was Told my Life Contract Would End in 6-8 Months
Health? Nutrition? Dangers of improper food combining? Enzymes? HAH! I was above that! Give up WHAT? I’ll eat what I want when I want! After all, I eat the same way my parents do, and they are in their 80’s!! Sure they take a cabinet full of pharmaceuticals, drink daily but they are still alive! This seems to be a popular mindset when confronted with the “possibility” that the current diet may not be right!

I am a Quantum Young Woman Now
I read Tonya Zavasta’s three books, especially, the one that will be on my night table forever “Quantum Eating”. I am a Quantum Person now. Quantum Young, as I like to say. Sometimes people think that I still in high school, even though I’m 45 years young. Wow!

Straight to the Heart of Raw Foods
I was lying on an operating table with two heart surgeons hovering over me. I was still awake but nervous. I’d been vegan for the past 25 years and 90-100% raw for about seven years, yet a small abnormality had shown up on a recent cardiac stress test. I was waiting for a nurse to give me a twilight anesthetic so I could forget where I was, but the surgeons were impatient to start the procedure.

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