Raw Food Testimonials (October 2010)



In response to the person who accused you of eating too little - I find that since I've improved my quality of food AND my digestion, I don't want (or need) as much food as I did before. A small amount now satisfies me. But paradoxically, I actually have much more energy than I did before. -Judy


Morning Tonya,
I have been using the Rolling Bed of Pins and Scalp Tonic for just 2 weeks and I see a definite difference in my hair. It is not as brittle and doesn't snap off easily anymore. The Skin Rejuvenator is also very calming and soothing. Thank you for the wonderful Tonic remedy....you have given me a glimmer of hope.
Gratefully, -A.M.


I wanted to say that I prepared my first raw food meal for my family this evening. I used your St. Patty's Day Patties recipe and both my husband and son really liked them. My husband saw the Cure Diabetes [in 30 days] DVD a few weeks ago and wants to start to incorporate more raw food in his diet. I was somewhat skeptical. However, after using your recipe tonight I may have to rethink my position and start incorporating more than one raw dinner a week into our home. Thank you, -T.


Hello Kelli and Tonya,
Yippee! I’ve taken three classes now and am finding each one progressively better…Before starting, I read through Bikram’s Beginner Class book and studied the pictures and tried to visualize each exercise. I also have read Tonya’s Hot Yoga book and Quantum Eating multiple times. I came to believe that I could do this if Tonya could. Yes, with each class I take, I am re-training my ankles and knees and elbows, etc. With each little bit of progress I am encouraged by the increased flexibility. …Thank you Tonya, for writing about Bikram yoga. Because of your example, I found the courage to begin. -G.


Thank you Tonya,
I have always loved your work! I love your ideas, your product, and your dedication! You are the only Raw foodie who inspires me. So, keep up the good work! Sincerely, Z.


Hi Tonya,

I'm thankful that I've received a September letter: I was on vacation and my office computer, probably diverted the e-mail the first time. I have couple of notes about dental health and raw food. Last year my dentist told me that my teeth are moving, which was not a good thing, for several reasons, and one of them was that just a few months before that I've finished 1.5 years of Invisalign [braces].

After that visit I was faithfully on raw food for 2 months. My next appointment confirmed that my teeth are not moving anymore. The other interesting fact was that I've noticed a difference in color and amount of "stuff" I had to remove when disassembling and cleaning my electric brush. Before, this "stuff" was black, now it can barely be seen, just a pale yellow hue.

It reminded me of a situation that came up when my daughter was 3 years old, and I had to explain to her about bad and good bacteria. I told her that bad bacteria are black and good bacteria are pink (girls at that age are all about pink). That's why we wash our hands before eating, to get rid of the bad bacteria and only leave the pink color on the hands. Now, looking at the pale yellow hew of this bacterial colony it seems to me that it is not as harmful as the previous dark collection. :)


Dear Tonya,
You are a great inspiration for me. I met you in Amsterdam, i bought the pins and the Facial Exercise book. I scrub my face daily and brush my body daily. I also give raw food workshops in the Netherlands and abroad. Here is my photo, I'm almost 50! The Teeth Book i will order too! With love from Holland, Jessie Kuipers.


Tonya, you are a godsend! No joke. I just got my Beauty Bundle today, and I have to say, your hair conditioner is A-MAZ-ING!!!! My hair feels completely like silk. Seriously, it's so silky I almost don't know what to do with it! Ha! I highly recommend this to everyone--you will be 1000% satisfied! Thank you a thousand times over for the innovative, cutting-edge work that you do! (Oh my god, my hair is wonderful!). A sincere fan, --R.


Hello Kelli, thanks for the info. I will let you know how I am getting on in some time. Just wanted to say that I am loving the new Beautiful on Raw website, and Tonya, you are sooooo beautiful! What you have achieved and accomplished is incredible, and you are a shining star in so many people lives, like mine. Big thanks to you for all your hard work and dedication. Lots of love, -S.

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