Book: Your Right to Be Beautiful

Book: Your Right to Be Beautiful

The Miracle of Raw Foods

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Inside these pages, you'll find a little known secret on how to become beautiful.

Advice on how to become more attractive often comes from those blessed with exceptional beauty to begin with. Yet a woman born to beauty instructing others on how to become beautiful is like a winner of the lottery teaching people how to make a fortune in diligent enterprise! In contrast, Tonya leads by her shining example to empower you to take responsibility for your own appearance and health. Placed by a physical disability in a disadvantaged position, Tonya was nevertheless able to fulfill her long-cherished dream of becoming beautiful despite adversity and being over the age of 40.


It is biologically possible to look beautiful at any age. This book contains revolutionary ideas that will help you to reveal this latent beauty. Your newly discovered loveliness will surprise and delight you. Those who know you will remark on the positive change in your appearance.

Would you like to:

  • Learn to adopt a lifestyle that can take you to the pinnacle of health and realize your beauty potential?
  • Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem as the result of a greatly improved appearance?
  • Gain the advantages that attractiveness brings to your relationships with others?

I wanted to tell you THANK YOU! Your book Your Right To Be Beautiful was the most informative book I have ever read on health and aging. I just happend to be in the health food store and picked it up. I have always been interested in health and aging and have often wondered why people age the way the do. Your book explains it all! Thank YOU! Your book was so honest and upfront. I loved it! Not only that, but before reading this book I really thought I was eating correctly. MAN WAS I WRONG! I WAS SHOCKED!

— Mira Jackson


I am about 1/3 of the way through your book "Your Right To Be Beautiful" and read it as often as I can. Not to flatter you but it has been one of the best books on health that I have ever read and I have been studying health for over 20 years. Paul Bragg is one of my favorites and you are right up there with him. Keep up the good work!!

— Mark Biggerstaff

Though you may have thought that you didn't pull "beautiful" in the gene lottery, you'll learn that beauty is not an accident; it can be yours through making right daily choices. Your Right To Be Beautiful shows you how to cultivate your natural beauty, which is your birthright — without expensive products, cosmetic surgery or advice from costly consultants. Would you like to:

  • Learn to adopt a lifestyle that can take you to the pinnacle of health and realize your beauty potential?
  • Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem as a result of a greatly improved appearance?
  • Gain the advantages that attractiveness brings to your relationships with others?

I just finished reading your book "Your Right To Be Beautiful" and want to thank you so much for putting together such a wonderful and amazing testament to the raw lifestyle. Your book gave me many answers I was searching for; especially, it gave me great tools to defend my choice.

— Romana Volny

News Release

April 2004

The Raw Food Lifestyle was Brought to the Forefront as "Your Right to Be Beautiful" was named a Finalist for Book of the Year Awards!

BR Publishing [now BEAUTIFUL ON RAW, INC] is pleased to announce that Your Right to Be Beautiful (ISBN: 097424340X, 352 pages) is a 2004 Health Book of the Year Award finalist for ForeWord Magazine's annual contest. Award winners will be announced at this year's BookExpo America in June.

Six years ago, ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Awards was established to bring increased attention to the literary achievements of independent presses and authors. A jury of librarians, booksellers, industry professionals and reviewers judged the books. They select finalists based on editorial excellence, originality of subject matter, accuracy, author credentials, and professional packaging. This is the first time a book on the raw food lifestyle has been recognized by the judges.

Dear Tonya, I love your first book soooooo much, that I don't even know where to begin! I just ordered your second book a few minutes ago, and I ordered both books for a friend! I will be ordering a lot more of your books in the future for friends and family.

I am spreading the word, about you and your book like crazy! I am so excited about the Rawsome lifestyle that I just don't know what to do! I threw out every pot, every pan, and every piece of cooked, canned or processed food out of my house!

You are extremely intellegent, and the things that you said made so much sense. I've been doing my own research even before I read your book, and what you say confirms a lot of what I've been reading! That's why I'm so sold on it!

You actually offer more in just one book than most of the authors cover in several books. And for that, I am sooooo grateful!

I am so happy that you are exposing the TRUTH, that I e-mailed Oprah concerning you! And I will keep e-mailing her, until your book is on her bookclub list! I believe in it just that much already, and I KNOW that this lifestyle will only make me better in every sense! -

— Kendra Wilhoite

Tonya Zavasta, author of Your Right to Be Beautiful: "It is a great honor to have ForeWord Magazine's selection committee include Your Right to Be Beautiful in the finalists. I see this recognition of my work as a small step toward a giant leap in accepting the raw food diet not as eccentric behavior but as a viable lifestyle. I'm delighted to be included in the health books category along with medical professionals. It's a great feeling for your book to be acknowledged as exceptional in independent press awards."

There is no natural beauty without 100% natural food. The lack of beauty, especially in so many people over forty, is most often the result of the consumption of devitalized and denatured foods. Cooked food depletes the body's enzyme reserves and damages its rejuvenating power. On the hand, the Rawsome diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds in their raw state will help your body to make the most of its revitalizing abilities. By restoring the integrity of every cell and by facilitating the operation of every organ, it will bring your weight to its ideal mark, refine your features and add delicacy to your face. The book introduces women to the unexplored world of the raw food lifestyle through preparation techniques that create nutritious meals that are delicious, filling and satisfying.

I founded Beautiful on Raw to explore the potentials in personal transformation. My first book, Your Right to Be Beautiful: Miracle of Raw Foods, offers a revolutionary solution to our rapidly aging society on how to restore health, regain youthfulness and reclaim physical attractiveness.

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Thank you for your encouragement. I LOVE YOUR BOOK and deep down inside I am sooooo excited because I know you are for real.

— Jann Stewart-Joyce