Facial Brush for Glowing Complexion

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When I am on the lecture circuit, I show people how I brush and "polish" my face. It was a challenge to find just the right brush to optimize my facial routine. I tried many different brushes but found that they were all too soft. Even battery powered exfoliating sets come with a separate facial brush that turns soft and mushy when turned on. You might as well use a sponge instead of most of the facial brushes out there. I finally had to design one that was effective and appealing.

I use a specially designed brush with natural bristles. Unlike other brushes, it is not too soft.

Many beauty books tell you that you should not exfoliate more than twice per week. However, when you eat raw foods, your skin heals much faster. At first, you must be gentle while brushing, but gradually you can brush more vigorously. Your face will begin to glow!

Facial BrushI perform this procedure every day. You hopefully already eat very well, and this is great, but you must help your skin to rejuvenate on the outside as well. Many people in the raw food community look down on external beautifying procedures. This is unfortunate. They look fit and healthy, but their faces in many cases have not reached their Rawsome beauty potential. You can see the beauty of nature all around you; I believe seeing it in the mirror is wonderful as well. Facial brushing plus a good nurturing cream will make a big difference! With this complete beauty regimen, you can reach total Rawsome Beauty, from the inside out!

Bad Skin DayExfoliation noticeably speeds the cell renewal rate, giving you new skin in a matter of minutes. Exfoliate as often as your skin will permit without becoming irritated. Gradually you can build up to where you can exfoliate every day, even twice a day. Daily exfoliation will approximate the effect of shaving, which is thought to contribute to men retaining the youthfulness of their facial skin for a longer time than women.

I am thrilled with the brush I use which, while being not only the right size and stiffness for facial use, it is also a lovely blonde color, making it aesthetically appealing as well as practical. For my beauty routine, I first dry brush my face and then follow that up with my Facial Cream. So I am offering the Facial Brush FREE to anyone who purchases two jars of my specially formulated Your Right to Be Beautiful Facial Cream. You can wash this brush once per month with soap and water.

So important is the facial brushing, that I offer a FREE brush to everyone who buys two jars of my cream. Claim your FREE brush with the purchase of 2 jars of Facial Cream here...

Update! Due to popular demand, you may now purchase the Facial Brush separately here...

***Important: If you have sensitive skin and/or are over 50, and this is your first time performing facial brushing, be extra GENTLE when you begin your routine. Do not press down hard with the bristles at all. In a couple of months, your skin will adjust and you can be more vigorous with the process.***