Anti Aging Facial Cream

Anti-Aging Facial Cream

with Sea Buckthorn Oil


"Your Right to Be Beautiful"

The beautifying facial cream you've been looking for!


Changing your lifestyle as completely as you do when you go raw, you become more sensitive to certain outside influences that previously had no effect. Some ingredients, which were never a problem for a person consuming a cooked food diet, become poisonous to a raw food person. The same thing might happen with skin care products.


So I started creating and using my own homemade cream. After years of refining the formula, I have finally produced a good product, and am now ready to share its many benefits with others. I've been using variations of this cream since I was 30- that's over 20 years. I believe so strongly in my Your Right to Be Beautiful™ cream that I'm willing to put my picture on every box!

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Let me be clear. There is no "magic potion" that miraculously fixes everything. The cream will not flatten your stomach, perk up your breasts, or enhance your sex life. You will have to go raw to achieve these results! However, combined with a raw lifestyle, it will nourish and help heal your skin. It will support you in your goal to look and feel beautiful inside and out.

Some of you have read my first book, Your Right to Be Beautiful. It describes my victory in achieving Rawsome beauty, through natural, raw foods and complete avoidance of home- cooked or commercially produced foods. You too have a Right to Be Beautiful and I want to help you achieve it!

My specially formulated cream contains wild crafted & organic essential oils and certified organic herbs that promote healing and new cell growth. Its vanilla scent and whipped frosting-like texture smells and looks so delicious that you may be tempted to taste it! The ingredients include oils of almond, coconut, mango seed, sesame seed and avocado.

The consistency of this cream is really light and fluffy. These are the main characteristics of the "mousse" style, the latest trend in the cosmetic industry for skin care products.

Your Right to Be Beautiful Cream is soothing and anti-inflammatory and can be used on any type of skin, including sensitive skin. It can be used as a daily moisturizer because it nourishes and restores dry, dehydrated skin, leaving it feeling firmer and softer. It can be used under makeup foundation or as a soothing aftershave cream. The cream does not leave a film residue, since the ingredients are quickly absorbed by the skin.

The cream will work even better if you practice the mantra: Beauty is as Beauty eats! Eating right is a vital way to develop your outer glow. In my eye-opening books I reveal the details of how natural foods have helped me to achieve beauty at a later age -and how you can do the same! I have produced this cream to supplement the power of raw eating. I am justifiably proud of Your Right to Be Beautiful Facial Cream, and I want you to be completely satisfied.

I have such confidence in the cream's purity and power, that I offer a 60-Day money back guarantee. Try our cream. Use it regularly, as indicated. It will revitalize your skin, restoring it from the ravages of dryness, redness, and minor inflammation. You will notice how well it moisturizes and freshens your face, accentuating your natural beauty. However, if for any reason you are less than completely satisfied, simply return the unused portion for a full refund (less S/H).

What makes Beautiful on Raw Facial Cream so Special?

There is a "secret" ingredient in Beautiful on Raw Facial Cream, a secret about to be revealed. That ingredient is Sea Buckthorn Oil. Sea Buckthorn plant (Hippophae rhamnoides - no, you won't find this one in your neighborhood nursery) is native to mountainous regions in Siberia. And this year's new formulation I have TRIPLED the amount of Sea Buckthorn Oil!

Sea Buckthorn Oil Benefits

Creating this cream has been a labor of love. I have carefully selected each ingredient and I am committed to keeping it the best quality possible. After 2 years of research into 30 companies, I finally have a product that I am willing to stand behind 100%!

When I began making my homemade cream, I still lived in Russia. I would always add Sea Buckthorn oil. It was discovered that the oil aided in the healing of skin damage from radiation or the sun, acne, skin ulcers, burns, irritated or dry itchy skin, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and wounds. Its nourishing, revitalizing, and restorative action seemed to have no limits.

In fact, the extract of Sea Buckthorn berries has been used for centuries in Asia, Russia, and Scandinavia, where it has been prized for its restorative properties. The value of the annual production of Sea Buckthorn products in China exceeds $20 million, yet the Sea Buckthorn is virtually unknown in the West.

After my move to the U.S., my mother would visit from Russia and wanted to bring something that would remind me of home. I always asked her to bring a bottle of Sea Buckthorn oil.

The red and yellow berries of the Sea Buckthorn offer several essential vitamins that are usually only found individually. The berries contain a high percentage of Vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene (pro vitamin A). The vitamin C content is among the highest for any plant. Combined, these powerful antioxidants function as part of the body's natural defense system, combating wrinkles, dryness, and other symptoms of aging or neglected skin.

Is the Cream Raw and All-Natural?

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Even if a truly "all-raw" product could be formulated, it would have the same fate as the fruits or vegetables that sit in your refrigerator for more than a week. The product would have to be refrigerated, and even then, after a few days, mold would begin to grow, and it would not be safe to use. My dilemma was to formulate a good cream that would last. I certainly did not want to run to the kitchen to create a batch every time I needed moisturizer!

The production of enough of my cream to sell to others meant that I had to consider the perishable nature and short "shelf life" of truly all-natural products. Oils can become rancid, and natural extracts can get moldy or develop pathological bacteria as they travel between different regions of the country or even overseas as well as when they sit on a shelf. I needed to find a way to avoid having my cream go bad without using toxic substances.

The goal was to find a preservative that would not harm your skin, would not introduce toxins into your body, and could be used at the smallest possible concentration while at the same time be able to prevent the risk of microbial contamination. And I did it!


Cream SpecialThe Anti-Aging Cream is Even More Effective when used in conjunction with Facial Dry Brushing. We offer a FREE Facial Brush with the purchase of 2 Jars of my Anti-Aging Cream.